Gloaming — GraceSpeak

Gloaming is an old word that is seldom used today. I love its sound, though, and I love the time of day that is describes – after the sun has set but before the last light is gone. Like a goose-down comforter the gloaming stills around me, brushing the sky with pastel watercolors that slowly […]

Gloaming — GraceSpeak

Thank you Beth for this beautiful post. Please visit her site

A poem out of her words…


Gloaming is an old word
That’s seldom used today
I love its sweet sound, though,
I love this time of day

After the sun has set
Before the last light, gone
A precious moment dwelling
As time is moving on

A goose-down comforter
To still my soul to keep
To brush the sky pastel
Into horizon seep

The gentle purr of chickens
As owls serenade
As the silence deepens
The light to darkness, fades

Calling me to calm
A gifting to be blessed
Calling me to God
Calling me to rest

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