I Want

Lord, you know what I want
And you know what I pray
For you know in my heart
All the words I will say

And sometimes it is
Not want I want to be
But it is for the best
Because you love me

So, Lord speak to me
Heard in a prayer
To guide me unto
Your way to appear

Not my way but Yours
One desire to share
Help me to want what
You want for me here

In Hope

And with this note
I send a prayer
In hope that they
Will find You there

May Spirit be
When words they read
The truth to know
Their will, concede

With heart to turn
And let them pray
Through mercy great
Wash sins away

May they rejoice
In love of You
Today their soul
Be born anew

Language of the Heart

What is the language
Of the heart
One of the Spirit
That two souls take part

One of the knowing
The beloved they be
You are cherished by God
The same be for me

Joy filled for grace’s
Shared gratefully
Bearing lives sorrows

In word or in silence
Of binding in prayer
Great the awareness
The Lord’s dwelling here

A moments reflection
Of heavens insight
Of the eternal Word
As one of the light

A Miracle

In this little chapel
In solitude to pray
A miracle, I need
To ask of You this day

Through the Spirit sent
In Trinity, be awed
Isn’t it a miracle?
That we can talk to God

With brothers and sisters
One body we be
All heavens, treasures
Blessed miraculously

In this living bread
Reality, aware
A miracle before me
For Christ himself is here

Miracles each moment
Believing in the One
The miracle of knowing
That Gods’ will, will be done


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
You’re the beloved one
I praise you as my Savior
For everything you’ve done

Soaking, soaking, soaking
Claim my treasure, true
Through your gracious mercy
I’m the beloved too

Seeing, seeing, seeing
In each neighbor aware
They are the beloved
In this binding share

Grateful, grateful, grateful
Let our binding be
In our belovedness
Loving joyfully

From This Little Chapel

From this little chapel
Many miles away
A deep prayer is offered
For you my child this day

To form the connection
One of God’s good grace
To comfort you within
His loving embrace

Trending to your wounds
With His healing hand
Through light, to help you see
For you His great plan

For your blessed Mother
One who loves you so
Surround you both with peace
Of angels, here to know

Know you’re our beloved
We’re here to help you through
We hope that you can feel
Just how much we love you

Your Turn

Our heart is broken
By what’s happened here
We’ve reached the point
Of utter despair

We are truly helpless
With just one thing to do
To constantly pray
And place our hope in You

A big prayer of words
And of no words too
Just one of our soul
Outpouring to You

And so, we’ll believe
With our faith to yearn
We’ll trust in You
God, now it’s your turn

Questions and an Answer

Did something say to you?
A premonition, know?
Of what lay ahead
And you had to go

Did you send a connection?
Through nature to appear
In birds, flowers, and light
For us to be aware

Did you send the words?
In my deepest prayer
To comfort here our soul
Of truth for me to share

“That all will be well”
“My child, trust Me”
“Let there be no doubt”
Hear these words, clearly

In binding of three
Let us cling to this rope
Though we don’t understand
Let this be our hope

Let There Be No Doubt

Gaze upon Your presence
In blessed adoration
A drifting of divine
In sweet contemplation

Then as clear as day
This is what I heard
“Let there be no doubt”
To heart this spoken Word

A seed upon my soul
With trust to let it grow
Faith in taking root
A truth for me to know

All through my day
When the clouds appear
“Let there be no doubt”
Be my solemn prayer