Things We Know

Let’s make a list
Of the things we know
Starting with how much
Our God loves us so

We have a purpose
There’s nothing to fear
We always belong
And God always here

His mercy never ends
Forgiveness of our sins
He prepares our way
Before each day begins

No matter of the form
When we say a prayer
Something of beyond
Is happening right here

Just how we are blessed
Showered by His grace
To receive and share
Our joy to embrace

Blessed is the Soul

Blessed is the soul
That gets to walk into
A beautiful sunrise
Such a glorious view

Blessed is the soul
With all to release
Dwelling in silence
Such glorious peace

Blessed is the soul
In the Spirit to drift
Each breath of new life
Such a glorious gift

Blessed is the soul
To pause and to pray
To share with our Lord
Such a glorious day

The Blessed

When we look back at life
I believe we will see
All the blessed souls
That God send to me

To share in a season
Or even one day
To mold and encourage
Our soul in some way

Each picked uniquely
As one from above
With tongue of the Spirit
With God’s Presence of love

So come now beloved
Hear a greater view
The blessed calling
Let the chosen is you

Conversation to Be

A conversation
Ahead here this day
Lord bless me the Spirit
You’d like to convey

Lord, bless me a heart
One from above
Full of compassion
Truth and of love

Lord, bless me the Word
My soul to prepare
In humility
Of wisdom to share

Lord, bless me an ear
Your grace to pray
Keeping my ego
Out of the way

Lord, bless your fragrance
In this time and space
Where peace is surrounding
Your Presence, embrace

The Autumn Air

And here we find
This time of year
The blessed gift
Of the Autumn air

Chilled in the longing
In the dark of night
Warmed in the dawning
By the virgin light

With a cleansing breath
Drawing so deep
To savor the Spirit
And into soul seep

Something of filling
Of our being whole
The freshness of Presence
To nurture our soul

God and Fear

If I lose my job
I’m afraid I will see
I lose all my stuff
And security

I better impress them
Not share humbly
I fear what they’ll say
And think about me

If I get sick
I’ll suffer and cry
Can’t do what I like
Perhaps even die

When we feel nervous
To this truth give a nod
When you think of your fear
You will find your God

Let us reset
With Jesus to hear
I am your God
There’s nothing to fear

Broken People

It’s a broken world, with broken people
Lost within their way

Desperate souls, in need of saving
Long for hope this day

A true God and a true human
His Son from above

And by His cross, to reconcile
All through perfect love

Come accept His invitation
In His one body

Where the broken soul is found to
Fit so perfectly

Come receive His blessed mercy
Healer of our soul

Find our calling in His sharing
Give to Him control

Come now children as beloved
Eternity, we pray

A perfect place with perfect people
Heaven is the way

Seeker of Beauty

With a heart of desire
Oh Lord, let me be
All throughout my day
A seeker of beauty

With an eye of wonder
A soul to pause and dwell
With a blessing of vision
Come other gifts as well

An awareness of grace
A change of attitude
Joy of a surprise
Spirit of gratitude

To cherish a moment
With love pouring through
Absorbing and soaking
Beauty becomes you

Pasture of Light

Into autumns’ solstice
Dawning rising bright
Glorious the vison
A pasture of the light

Tongues of fire shine
On green grass of swaying
A harvest for the soul
All creation praying

What could this represent?
Souls who’ve gone before?
Angels of surrounding?
What heaven has in store?

Let His treasure flow
In blessings of to be
Of the many ways
God loves you and me