To Me

For nothing’s deserved
You bless all for free
Lord, Let me share
The grace given to me

Lord, never ending
Is your great mercy
Lord, let me forgive
As you’ve forgiven me

You love every soul
Lord, help me to love
How you have loved me

We know I will fail
And Lord you bless more
To teach patience to me


4 thoughts on “To Me”

  1. Practically speaking, for myself, it is the recognition of grace in my life, that I still aim to discern, and hope will compel me to share with others. It can go unnoticed; so, at one point in my life I prayed for the ability to recognize those moments. The same is true for me, in regard to mercy and forgiveness. Yet, I know that on certain occasions, that I felt what may be characterized as “agape” for others. Certainly, that does not come from me. Shalom.

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