Leaves of Fall

Leaves of fall, of autumn bright
Reflections of each season’s light

Of Christmas red, the birth of Christ
Who shed His blood, our sacrifice

To Easters day, our joy, behold
From death to rise, gift more than gold

Leaves of brown, as daily bread
In blessings share, our soul is fed

The things of man, here shown as rust
And just like us, will turn to dust

Creation shines, it’s being of
The beauty in, sharing His love

In shades of many, colors see
Which ones depict? The one that’s me

Here He invites, with precious grace
To come let go, in His embrace

Letter to a Prisoner

A soldier of war
Was captured one day
As a prisoner
He was taken away

He felt all alone
And fell into despair
A letter arrived
And these words were shared

I love you dearly
And I truly care
When you come home
I’ll be waiting here

His life turned around
Now he could cope
For found in these words
Was his source of hope

When we feel this way
As a prisoner be
Our Lord shares these Words
With you and with me

The Unknown of Prayer

The vision in prayer
Is invisible
All that I perceive is
It’s so beautiful

The feeling beyond
Is unspeakable
All that I feel is
It’s so wonderful

With human senses
It’s unattainable
All I can think is
It’s so incredible

A taste of heaven
Is unimaginable
All that I know is
It’s so believable

Fully Present

When life’s overwhelming
Of such complexity
Let me turn to You
In simplicity

All my fears and worries
To gather them right here
And offer them to you
Shared within a prayer

All of my desires
And hope within this day
Just to be with You
A living way to pray

Seeking quiet moments
Of soul within the way
To listen to Your Word
And follow what You say

Freedom in our being
With soul to clearly see
To be fully present
For here is where You be

A Persons Value

To value a person
Based on money
All that it does
Is to devalue me

If I value a person
Upon their mental state
The lesson I’ve learned
Is that mine isn’t great

If I value a person
Based upon what I see
My view in the mirror
Shows that I am ugly

Our God, who is perfect
To each person proclaims
You’re a beloved treasure
Please help me do the same

Days End

At this day’s end
Come now to rest
In my embrace
Here now be blessed

Be grateful for
My grace this day
And let all else
Now drift away

Settle now
Be still your soul
And let all go
I’m in control

For your last thought
This day to know
Just how much
I love you so

Sleep well my child
While I prepare
My gifts anew
With you to share

Creation This Day

A vision of beauty
Through nature’s display
Let us rejoice in
Your creation this day

Souls of encounter
Blessed in our way
Let us love them as
Your creation this day

A self-made man
The world does say
Let me not be my
Own creation this day

Our source of new life
Through Spirit we pray
Let us be born as your
Creation this day

Claiming our calling
In His arms to stay
Oh Lord, let me be
Your creation this day

In You In Me

Let me find comfort
My true security
My resting in You
As You’re resting in me

Let me offer my soul
My will prayerfully
My dwelling in You
As You’re dwelling in me

Let me be Your beloved
My true identity
My love in You
As You’re loving in me

Let our binding flow
One so deeply
My being in You
As You’re being in me

Moments Most Real

Times of our life
That we deeply feel
What are the moments
Of moments most real?

Times of our heart
Of sacrifice shown
What are the moments
When true love was known?

Thoughts of our mind
Of simplicity
What are the moments
When we saw clearly

Glimpses of heaven
Of what is to be
These moments with God
Of eternity