A Persons Value

To value a person
Based on money
All that it does
Is to devalue me

If I value a person
Upon their mental state
The lesson I’ve learned
Is that mine isn’t great

If I value a person
Based upon what I see
My view in the mirror
Shows that I am ugly

Our God, who is perfect
To each person proclaims
You’re a beloved treasure
Please help me do the same


3 thoughts on “A Persons Value”

  1. Great wisdom, here. It reminds me of a devotional that I read yesterday, from Henri Nouwen, on how, if we believe the truth that we are “the Beloved Daughters and Sons of God,” and stop living as though “we are what we do, what we have, and what other people think about us,” we can be free from the need to judge others. I appreciate and love you, brother!

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