It Is Yours

The dawning light
Draws me outdoors
Spoken in beauty
It is yours, it is yours

The caress of the breeze
In silence, it lures
The stillness of peace
It is yours, it is yours

The word is spoken
His love outpours
Through intimate prayer
It is yours, it is yours

A moments connection
With the one that endures
The eternal gift
It is yours, it is yours

The Great Annunciation

The great Annunciation
Holy is his name
In our thoughts and acts
What do we proclaim?

Here a new beginning
Of Advent to prepare
Let our meditation be
A transforming prayer

With gifts of greatest treasure
More than we could afford
Let out soul proclaim
The greatness of the Lord

Our sins have been forgiven
A free gift that we share
Let our Spirit rejoice
In our Savior, we declare

An unworthy sinner be
Wrapped in His holiness
For He has looked upon
Us in our lowliness

Fear conquered by love
In His arms we can rest
From this moment, now on
We are all called blessed

In His incarnation
To all the earth exclaim
For He’s has done great things for me
And Holy is His name

Guide Me

Know me
Show me
Flow me
Bestow on me
The bread of life to help me see
That Jesus is the way

Guide me
Glide me
Beside me
Abide in me
The Spirits breath to flow though me
Your wisdom to convey

Lift me
Gift me
Sift me
Adrift in me
The Fathers arms bind tenderly
His love is here today

Will me
Still me
Thrill me
Instill in me
Your precious grace to set me free
In the Trinity we pray

What’s Always There

We think of sun rising
With light to appear
But it’s the earth turning
Towards what’s always there

An act of receiving
A gift sent for free
To all of creation
Blessed to everybody

And wise is the soul
Who pause with a prayer
Bound in the ways
Beyond what is here

For many the facets
Of light from above
Of treasures unseen
Of joy, peace and love

And when the night comes
Raise your vision to see
The way the light shines

Grateful Again

Yesterday I prayed
With a heart of fear
Needing you my Lord
And hoping in you there

And today I return
With the word of amen
For answered prayer
So grateful again

When will I ever learn
To fully trust in You
A lifetime of practice
To see things in your view

In little acts of faith
Of practice here to see
For one day we will be
Grateful eternally

Grateful For Gratitude

I’m grateful for gratitude
The spirit people share
To focus on our blessings
Within this moment, here

I’m grateful for fulfillment
In heavens gifts, concede
And turn away from all the junk
The world tells us we need

I’m grateful for our joy
The fruit of gratitude
That everything’s a gift
To share our attitude

But most of all I’m grateful
For a love so true
Of the knowing of the One
That I’m grateful to

A Day of Giving, Thanks

Flowing from our God
Each moment that we live
Is the opportunity
Of things that we can give

Many ways of giving
Through spark of Spirit stirred
Through act, prayer or things
Or sharing of a Word

It really doesn’t matter
The “what” that we impart
But the source of love
That’s given from the heart

Blessing even more
For our soul to enjoy
From our gratitude
Flows the fruit of joy

A day of giving, thanks
Let’s truly contemplate
The many gifts of God
That we appreciate


Squanto was a warrior
A real Patuxent man
One living in harmony
With the Creators plan

When a great ship appeared
Met with apprehension
They were invited to a feast
But it was a deception

He and twenty friends
Were held in the ships’ hold
Sailing back to Spain
As slaves they would be sold

There he saw two Friars
Who came to pay the price
To free and nurture him
With the love of Christ

They send him to England
With a family to stay
He learned to speak English
And to his home, paid the way

When finally, he arrived
His joy turned to despair
For disease took his people
His family was not there

He joined the Wampanoags
To their Chief, did consent
When new white men appeared
On a mission, he was sent

The Pilgrims were amazed
When he spoke with their tongue
A lifesaving, Godsend
In this new world, begun

To ponder in our journey
Through trials and through fear
Although we may not see it
God’s way is working here

Squanto was a warrior
With his will to release
To turn away from evil
Who fought for love and peace

St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

When night comes, and you look
Back on this day within
You see how fragmentary
Everything has been

And how much you planned
That has gone undone
And all of the reasons
You have one by one

Embarrassed and ashamed
Take everything so grim
Put it in God’s hands
And leave with Him

I Am the Truth

My child, I love you
The Word, when I pray
But all my human thoughts
Here get in the way

All the little whispers
That block the gift you share
In the light of scripture
Let’s discuss them here

I’m afraid that I’m weak,
This fear, I confess
To you I give power
Strength to the powerless (Isiah 40:29)

How could you ever love?
A sinner like me
Jesus came to save sinners
Even the worst that be (Timothy 1:15

There are so many things
I can and don’t do
As the Father has loved me
I love you too (John 15:9)

Know it in your bones
Your heart and soul through
I am the truth
My child, I love you