Squanto was a warrior
A real Patuxent man
One living in harmony
With the Creators plan

When a great ship appeared
Met with apprehension
They were invited to a feast
But it was a deception

He and twenty friends
Were held in the ships’ hold
Sailing back to Spain
As slaves they would be sold

There he saw two Friars
Who came to pay the price
To free and nurture him
With the love of Christ

They send him to England
With a family to stay
He learned to speak English
And to his home, paid the way

When finally, he arrived
His joy turned to despair
For disease took his people
His family was not there

He joined the Wampanoags
To their Chief, did consent
When new white men appeared
On a mission, he was sent

The Pilgrims were amazed
When he spoke with their tongue
A lifesaving, Godsend
In this new world, begun

To ponder in our journey
Through trials and through fear
Although we may not see it
God’s way is working here

Squanto was a warrior
With his will to release
To turn away from evil
Who fought for love and peace


One thought on “Squanto”

  1. We must own the maltreatment of the Indigenous and the ways the Church was culpable. We shall not fear the truth as some, as you note here, did good and the mystery of God’s permissive will is illuminated if but a little. Nevertheless, the Indigenous cry out for justice and the Lord, Our God, has heard and will hear them. May love and peace prevail between men and between men and God.

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