Come Seek the Beautiful

Just take a few moments
When all ‘s going wrong
Come listen to
A beautiful song

Take a short walk
When you’re feeling blue
Come to dwell in
A beautiful view

With a simple act
Another soul, lift
Come to share in
A beautiful gift

With a simple prayer
Past this worlds’ facade
Come to be loved by
Our beautiful God

Son is on the Rise

Look my child light is flowing
Cast the vision for your eyes
Come receive the gift of stilling
For the sun is on the rise

Bless the moment here before you
Rest within the treasure found
Find your being in the present
In the Presence that surrounds

Listen to the small voice whisper
Of your inner soul be heard
Let it echo in your being
That My love’s the only Word

Bind within this truth of knowing
Set the compass here to start
Flow the joy within our soul
To share this day a grateful heart

In This Season

A cold and gray
December day
We journey on with faith to pray

A dark and black
December night
We focus on the one true light

The world offers
A time of stress
In coming hope we find our rest

In this Advent
To prepare
To find our Lord incarnate here

In this season
Joy so great
To share His birth, we celebrate

Sayings of Christmas

Sayings that we all have heard
In this time of year
Let’s ponder them with light anew
With Spirit be aware

The phrase of good will towards men
Flows from our gratitude
With a Christmas blessing
A friendly attitude

The sharing of good tidings
Joy here that we choose
That God dwells among us
Really is good news

The angels spoke be peace on earth
With His love to share
Christ this day be birthed in us
God incarnate here

Four Candles

Four candles of Advent
Helped us to prepare
The light of our journey
There’s still time, be aware

Four candles are lit
With message, declare
For what we’ve been waiting
The time now is near

Four candles reminding
Our reflection to share
Good works and penance
Rejoicing and prayer

Four candles are glowing
Our inner light here
In sizes ascending
To show our way, clear

Four candles are shining
Rejoice with great cheer
The one light of Christmas
Soon will appear

Let’s Start

A new day is dawning
Of blessing, aware
Let’s start the day with
An offer of prayer

That we’re His beloved
His gift of bestowing
Of everlasting
Love overflowing

That we are forgiven
Our treasure, embrace
Our heart to rise
Rejoicing in grace

As love casts out fear
Our worries release
Within the promise
Of eternal peace

An offer of calling
To accept right here
His gifts blessed to us
It’s our joy to share

No Room at the “Inn”

Here’s a thought to ponder
To let us dwell within
The bible only tells us
“There’s no room at the inn”

The Greek word “kataluma”
Was “inn” that we assume
But the real meaning
Is that of a “guest room”

Houses in Judea
Had a second floor
The family in the main room
Another for guests, more

On the lower level
Their animals they kept
Keeping them protected
And warmth for when they slept

Joseph had some relatives
In Bethlehem, presume
Chances they we welcomed
And stayed in their guest room

And “while they were there”
For birth of the baby
They went to the first floor
For some privacy

There, placed in a manger
On a bed of straw
Still in the humble setting
Is born our sense of awe

Prayers of Yours

Arising this morning
What’s ahead I don’t know
A turn to horizon
A journey to go

A foot on the path
Walk into this day
Aligning the soul
The first step to pray

Let me be your servant
With Your Word to say
In sharing Your love
Keep me out of the way

And know I’m not alone
Such a comfort to be
The prayers of my loved ones
Comfort and carry me

Sometimes Always

Sometimes it’s just as simple
As saying Lord, I will trust You
Knowing it deep in our soul
Believing, it really is true

Sometimes it’s just as simple
As being right now and right here
Dwelling in beauty surrounding
Attuning the senses aware

Sometimes it’s just as simple
To listen with an open ear
In looking deep into their eyes
With a heart to truly care

Always the truth is so simple
The message that Jesus speaks of
The creator who our great God is
And that is the one Word of love

The Word Becomes Flesh

The Word becomes flesh
As prophets foretold
Through a babe in a manger
Our Savior behold

The Word becomes flesh
As Jesus declares
And for us too
This treasure He shares

The Word becomes flesh
Through Spirit invoke
To savor the Scripture
Indwelling to soak

The Word becomes flesh
With our daily bread
One of transforming
Of which we are fed