Our Words

Consider now
To meditate
The thoughts that we

So many words
Of our worries
Things to fear
Complaints to be

Or selfishness
All about me
Our ego feed
Our pride they see

Lets pause our thought
Share prayerfully
The ways of God
So lovingly

To use our words
For His glory
To bless our friends
With words, holy

A Bag of Worry

This baggage I carry
Is just so heavy
Help me to let go
So I can be free

A bag of worry
Packed with fear
You call me to You
To dwell in a prayer

With no hint of guilt
Or any demand
A Word of love
I understand

An embrace of grace
Bags fall to the ground
To dwell in your love
Is where freedom is found

~Psalm 143

Let the morning bring me word
Of Your unfailing Love
Cast the vision of my soul
To You, oh Lord above

Show me the way I should go
I place my trust in you
And let the breath of Spirit
Of a breeze flow through

Here to reflect and meditate
On what Your hands have done
I spread my hands to you oh God
And thirst here for your Son

In this silent emptiness
I offer up my will
As You have prepared this day
With your grace to fulfill

Just a Drop of Water

Thank you Sandra for your beautiful photos and words. Inspired to ponder this some more and add some more

Just a drop of water
One drop and nothing more
Quenching of ones thirst
What our heart searches for

Just a drop of water
One drop of insight
A spark of the Spirit
In reflection of the light

Just a drop of water
One drop of moment here
Of His living water
To receive and to share

Just a drop of water
One drop of a prayer
Surrendering in love
To offer our will, here

Just a drop of water
One drop, the same source be
Flowing from the side of Christ
His love to share through me

Just a drop of water
What good can it do?
As in our baptism
Blesses a whole new view

A Beautiful Moment

It’s such a blessing
Of heart that’s content
To see this is such
A beautiful moment

To dwell fully here
To be, fully present
To know this is such
A beautiful moment

The joy of our life
To receive the love sent
To feel this is such
A beautiful moment

In eternities view
To see what life meant
To say it was such
A beautiful moment

Same Needs

We’re all the same
With souls to feed
Great desire
And our needs

And we strive
With all our will
Our emptiness
Each day to fill

A flash of fame
Or fancy stuff
This drug we find
Is never enough

Blessed be the soul
Of one to be aware
That everything we need
Is blessed to us right here

Joy Here

In light of the sunrise
Breathe the fresh air
Soak in this truth
It’s a joy to be here

A sparkle in their eyes
Of a friend to share
Come feel in your heart
It’s a joy to be here

Of the inner light
Of unspoken prayer
To hear from my Lord
It’s a joy to be here

Remember to seek
In times of despair
The light that speaks
That joy awaits here

With a Word

Thanks to so many that leave kind comments

With a word of a friend
I’m always amazed
How they can lift you up
On the darkest of days

With a thought of the wise
Of encouragement be
They see something in you
That you didn’t see

And even online
Through a little comment
To me it’s the voice
Of the Spirit thats sent

And even a stranger
You meet on the way
Can help with direction
And go on their way

With a word of the Word
Don’t hesitate, here
Through the Spirit in us
We always can share

Spirit and Light

Onto this earth
Our life is bound
Our journey goes
Both up and down

Our view ahead
Horizon, see
Days of clouds
And clear skies, be

The blessed one
Of soul aware
With vision cast
Of offered prayer

Who dwells, above
With this insight
The faith within
Spirit and light

This Day

Let the sun rise today
And the sun set this day
With its blessing of light
In between

Let a prayer start this day
And a prayer, close this day
With an indwelling prayer
In between

Let love spark this day
And in love rest this day
With a sharing of love
In between

With thanks start this day
And in thanks end this day
Everything is a gift
In between