Come Open to the Beautiful

Come open our eyes
To the gift of dawning
The beautiful seeking
Of a Holy morning

Come open our ears
To gift of a sense
The beautiful drawing
Of a sacred silence

Come open our heart
To each soul before me
The beautiful binding
Of community

Come open our soul
To each moment of prayer
The beautiful love
Of our God that we share

Moment of Morning

A moment of morning
When clouds came to rest
A sign of the coming
That you are blessed

In the form the Spirit
Of Word to proclaim
The burning desire
In the shape of a flame

Receiving this message
With our being whole
Come here O Spirit
Ignite our soul

A beacon of light
Joy in our heart
Your Word on our tongue
Your love to impart

Can I Find You

Can I find You in the morning?
In the newborn warming light
Settle soul in Spirit calming
With a prayer, here all is right

Can I find You in the silence?
Of Your dwelling peace within
Carry here Your gentle Spirit
With my next step to begin

Can I find You in the daily?
Can I give to You control?
Quiet now in sweet surrender
Letting You now heal my soul

Can I find You in the closing?
In the twilight of the day
Gratitude in daily blessings
Let regrets here flow away

Can I find You in the passing?
In hope that heaven will appear
Joy within Your grace of blessing
Yes, beloved I AM here

Created For Joy

Cherish our treasure
The world tries to destroy
The Word from our God
We’re created for joy

A choice every moment
Of our attitude
Which way will we choose
Fear or gratitude

Joy of the gift
The world cannot give
The peace of our Lord
To eternally live

Don’t let the world shame you
Forgiveness, embrace
Our joy to receive
His unending grace

You are My beloved
This truth to hold dear
Bring joy to the world
Through His treasures to share

Compass of Lent

Blessed, blessed holy season
One body of Christ to portray
Praying, fasting and almsgiving
Compass set to guide our way

Praying, praying, God of binding
Your hands of grace on my soul lay
Let your being be my being
Love as You would love today

Fasting, fasting from temptations
Freedom in Your grace to say
Let Your will be my will
Mold my soul as soft as clay

Giving, giving heart of sharing
Grateful for Your gifts this day
Let your Spirit be my Spirit
It’s our joy to give away

All in One

Within our vision
Unseen light, surrounds
We see through a prism
Every color is found

And of our hearing
Could it make sense?
That every sound
Can be found in silence

And of God’s love
Each gift of affection
The unknown is known
One sacred connection

And in our prayer
Our soul that’s empty
All of God’s treasures
Are here, within me

Blessed Beyond

A blessed prayer
Of our delight
Aligns our soul
Within Your light

Your place of grace
Blessed to enter
Finds our soul
Here at our center

Our treasure found
Of blessing here
Our soul is loved
Beyond compare

A blessed freeing
Our soul renewed
One of Your being

So Much More

Encounter of presence
Knees fall to the floor
Eyes close to darkness
I see there’s so much more

Encounter of prayer
With soul to adore
Ears listen to silence
I hear there’s so much more

Encounter of surrender
With will to outpour
A void of emptiness
I feel this so much more

Encounter of unknowing
One of heaven’s door
For beyond our senses
Oh Lord You’re so much more

Come Find

Come here beloved
Put your mind at rest
One of my embrace
Find yourself blessed

Come be of a prayer
Worries to cease
One of my Presence
Find yourself peace

Come to surrender
With breath nice and slow
One of my Spirit
Find yourself letting go

Come here be loved
Of being, be free
One of eternal
Find yourself in me

God of All

God of all my mornings
Joy blessed by Your light
Ordaining here this day
All within my sight

God of all my days
Each moment You prepare
Blessed with precious love
Our treasure which to share

God of all my moments
Knowing each You’re here
Showering Your blessings
Of being in a prayer

God of all my being
My all in all to see
From this moment here
Into eternity