Waterfall, waterfall
Joy to embrace
A vision depicting
You’re unending grace

Waterfall, waterfall
Wash over me
Forgiving my sins
With cleansing mercy

Waterfall, waterfall
Power within
No competition
Defeating all sin

Waterfall, waterfall
Pours from above
Come flow within
Your infinite love

Simple Thoughts

Simple thoughts
Of simple things
Leads our way
To pondering

Of nature’s gifts
A robin sings
A blossoms breath
The dew sparkling

Perspective to
Our life it brings
Casts our view
To greater things

Beyond this world
This life living
As God provides
Us everything

A simple heart
Of accepting
The gracious gifts
Gods offering

A simple spark
In simple ways
Of love, sharing

Deep Knowing

Know here, beloved
This knowledge to keep
One of indwelling
Come live from the deep

Deep knowing of love
Deep knowing of friendship

Deep knowing of hope
Of heaven to be
Deep knowing of Peace

Deep knowing of faith
My word is true
Deep knowing of joy
That I’m living in you

Let Your Heart Go Deep

As His beloved
Our treasure we keep
In intimacy
Let your heart go deep

Through the Spirit flowing
The Word of God to seep
In pondering scripture
Let your heart go deep

Rejoicing together
In suffering, weep
As one body of Christ
Let your heart go deep

As children of God
Such blessings to reap
With great gratitude
Let your heart go deep

No In Betweens

We wonder about it
But don’t have to pretend
Because we all know
How our journey will end

We’ll all meet our death
And on our last day
We go into the grave
With our faith that we’ll pray

We’ll trust in His Word
As was Lazarus’ way
With great rejoicing
When we hear Jesus say

Beloved come out
Untie him, let him go
We’ll rise from the tomb
Because Jesus, we know

We believe or do not
There are no in betweens
The power within
What Easter truly means!


Places I’ve been
And I long to go
Places I’m from
Ones I love, so

Ones I desire
Ones that inspire
Ones that descend
Ones that lift higher

Places of beauty
Ones that we share
One of the moment
Where we are right here

Ones of emotion
Of feeling so low
Places of joy
Ones where peace flow

None more important
Where all long to be
And the love of the soul
Of eternity

Place of Living

Places of living
The first, about me
With all my needs
Living physically

Living from our mind
To think strategically
Of the past and future

Living from our heart
To feel passionately
Alive in the moment
One emotionally

Living from the soul
Love unconditionally
Eternal perspective
One spiritually

All throughout each day
We move willingly
Let’s pause with a prayer
To choose the soul wisely

Sacred Place

Quiet now my being
In stillness to begin
From the mind to soul
A movement deep within

Drifting to the center
To the whisper of grace
Dwell in Me beloved
In our sacred place

Distractions are calling
Come here, they say
Acknowledge them now
And let them drift away

To focus of being
To the soul in love
The drawing of Spirit
Descending above

Help me to remain
In this indwelling prayer
To be with You Lord
In living from here