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In my valley dark
Of trials and of strife
Did you send the color green
Of eternal life

High up in the sky
Or ocean waves to cease
Did you send the color blue
Have your eternal peace

All throughout my day
Colors did appear share
That filled the soul with joy
With beauty everywhere

To vision of the deeper
In light from above
Infinite the colors
Of Your precious love

Becoming Who We Are

The journey of our life
Of inner and afar
That all paths lead unto
Becoming who you are

Acknowledging the truth
A pride-filled sinner be
Blessed be the finding
Of the One who saves me

That we find emptiness
When this world, we purse
That only gifts beyond
Are treasures of value

In telling of our story
With humility
In sharing of our gifts
Our true purpose, be

We are made complete
Even though we’re flawed
Because we’re a beloved
Child of our God

The Song of the Wind

Though of no limbs
We clearly can see
The movement affecting
The ocean and trees

Though of no voice
We clearly can hear
The sound of the stirring
That it has to share

Though of no body
We clearly can feel
The touch of our skin
It has to reveal

A blessing this day
Of movement within
Of listening deep to
The song of the wind

A whisper of nature
That leads unto prayer
Let the breath of spirit
Come now, appear

Your Ways

When winter is coming
Leaves fall from the trees
You start planting bulbs
To invest in beauty

When it seems, the world
Is out of control
You’ll feed the birds
An act of the soul

When shadows grow long
Loneliness descends
You write a kind note
To lift up a friend

When an evil one speaks
Words mean and vile
You bless in return
A forgiving smile

Your lessons of life
Still echo these days
As a fruit of your love
Let me follow your ways

Relating to Nature

When we relate to
Just our needs of seeing
Nature does not
Reveal it’s true being

When a tree is
Nothing but a chair
It ceases to tell us
About growing here

When a river is
Just a dumping place
It no longer speaks of
The movement of grace

And when a flower is
A plastic decoration
It has little to say of
The beauty of creation

Natures not a possession
Let’s change our attitude
For it’s a gift to receive
With respect and gratitude

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Catch a Breath

Before our day begins
Time to start performing
Take a step outside and
Catch a breath of morning

For a seed of beauty
A gift of the spawning
To dwell within the light
Catch a glimpse of dawning

Let it settle in
Worldly time to cease
In silence of the soul
Draw a taste of peace

Know that loves abounding
Blessings our God shares
With gratitude to offer
A whisper of prayer

Two Truths of Advent

Come listen beloved
Two truths be aware
The birth of our Lord and
His return drawing near

The first is the answer
For the second, prepare
His incarnate dwelling
Be within you here

A time of waiting
Of joy to share
Of anticipating
The Word to appear

In this Advent season
Let our way be clear
Not to the store
But one body in prayer

Isn’t it?

Isn’t it exhausting?
Life just seems too hard
Keeping up appearance
Living the façade

Isn’t is confusing?
No matter how I try
Being who I’m not
Living of a lie

Isn’t it so stressful?
Worries everywhere
Of all that could go wrong
Living here in fear

Isn’t it so freeing?
When our lifes outpoured
Being who God made me
Living for the Lord

Isaiah 12:4-5

And on that day
Let all souls say
Give to our Lord
Our thanks and pray

Make known His deeds
Let all exclaim
Remember now
Exalt His name

Praise the Lord
Our song to sing
For He has done
Glorious things

Call on His name
Let this be known
Throughout the land
Our gratefulness shown

A Practice of Thanksgiving

Through the gift of Spirit
Let us each believe
A practice of Thanksgiving
For us to receive

Please extend the gift
Of hospitality
Welcoming whatever
Our great God sends to me

When stress comes to visit
Embrace here with peace
Give it to our Lord
Free to be released

Offer of Thanksgiving
Of time and talents share
To each blessed soul
For gifts that they prepare

And for those complaining
Not what they deserve
A helping of forgiveness
Mercy may they be served

With each soul encountered
You love them through and through
Help me to love them too

Nurturing our being
With each fork we raise
May it come with words
Of offering God praise

A stack of dirty dishes
Be my chance to bless
A gift to those I love
With a moments rest

To feast on gratefulness
Consuming now right here
To reap the fruit of joy
In blessings everywhere