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One Simple

One simple morning
Of one simple day
Of one simple lifetime
Blesses the way

Of the sights and sounds
And feeling within
The senses are full
Here, soak it all in

Gift of receiving
Grace moving here
One simple stirring
Of divinity, share

One simple action
Of being to know
One act of love
Let the ripples now flow

Longing and Belonging

Right now, in this moment
A practice which to share
Using all our senses
To be fully here

Listen in the silence
Taste and smell and feel
To see with souls’ vision
His Presence to reveal

One of great belonging
Of all creation be
Feeling a great longing
Rise inside of me

Found within loves’ binding
Restored, a new believer
In gratefulness of grace
Of giver and receiver

I Have Chosen You

Stop all the seeking
And list of things to do
Pause now with a prayer
To hear this message true

I Am here knocking
Nothing to pursue
You did not choose me
But I have chosen you

Know this in your soul
Wisdom to believe
Open up the door
A blessing to receive

With heart of gratitude
This treasure to embrace
A joyful revelation
The primacy of grace

One Peace

This peace in Your Presence
Of treasure to claim
The one of all time
Is the one in the same

The hope of mankind
Of Bethlehem’s night
Announcing the birth
Through stars sacred light

In heart of the martyr
Of peace that was blessed
The truth of the Word
Of faith to profess

The eternal peace
Of faith to bestow
The treasure of heaven
That all saints do know

Our salvation purchased
By His life sacrificed
The passion of love
Is the peace of Christ

Come Listen Now

Come listen now
To mornings song
The Word to which
We all belong

Come listen now
In every breath
The Word He speaks
Beyond our death

Come listen now
To Word so clear
Beyond the lies
The world does share

Come listen now
With silent heart
The Word to still
His truth, impart

Come listen now
Beyond the ear
To know the Word
I love you dear

Window to Window

In blessed adoration
Connection we find
A window to heaven
Through body divine

In a blessed prayer
Past senses we span
A window of soul
Through body of man

In way of the Spirit
Connection of two
Window to window
Light passing through

In way of the way
The fruit of this prayer
A blessing this day
Of this light to share

Earth Baptized

This morning I witnessed
A joyous event
The earth was baptized
By gentle rain, sent

A great celebration
Birds sang in praise
Flowers’ joy blossomed
Trees branches, raised

And from the heavens
The great light appeared
A blessing to all
In this one Church we share

An offer of calling
So easy to see
Of new life reborn
To everybody

Connection of Eternal

Today, I saw a sunrise
Together we were here
And like all things in life
Soon will disappear

What is of these moments
Of wisdom to reveal
Collection of the blessings
Time spent that was real

Experience of Presence
A practice of to be
One of grace surrounding
Of love consuming me

Connection of eternal
One of heavens way
Moments with our God
Will never go away

Purpose of a Song

The purpose of a song
Music to us bringing
Isn’t to get it done
But the joy the singing

Nor swaying to a beat
A movement of romance
Is not to finish it
But the love of dance

Same be true of prayer
Not something to complete
Our treasure found within
With our God, we meet

And what about each day
Not something to get through
With Gods’ love and joy
Our life has true value

A Way of Being

A step outside
Of horizon to see
Checked that off my list
On to my next duty

Engrossed in my work
With time flying by
When I caught a glimpse
Of a transforming sky

Had to get a picture
To share what God created
Couldn’t get it right
Feeling so frustrated

Now back to my list
In a big hurry
A whisper of gift blessed
Just slow down and be

A drawing of vision
God kept calling me to
Intensely beautiful
This glorious view

A reminder this day
Through this gift of seeing
Not a list of doing
But way of being