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Gift of Gifts

People of the calling
Gather to Your place
Blessed in their receiving
Gifts of precious grace

Forgiveness of forgiving
Before You now confessed
Clean heart of the washing
Give what we’ve been blessed

Bread of gift of giving
Abundance without end
Miracle of seeking
To the lost we sent

Give of love of loving
Eternal treasure be
One of all souls seeking
Bonds all one in thee

Desire Drive My Will

Father of the Holy
Bless this moment be
Your love is all I need
This truth please let me see

One of no conditions
One which knows no bounds
One which of deep mercy
Place where all is found

May I give it all
Surrendering to You
May I grow in faith
Soul be birth anew

Desire drive my will
Only by Your grace
May I turn to You
Gaze upon Your face

Season of the Way

Beautiful horizon
In the winters chill
Soft palette of color
Diffusing of my will

Trees are silhouetted
Etched upon the sky
Blue and pink are mixing
Calls souls to unify

Geese of morning honking
Frozen is the ground
Drifts of snow remaining
Barrenness surrounds

Sun of warm arising
Though vision let us pray
Emptiness of calling
In season of the way

A Brothers Challenge

In our time of being
With this morning prayer
I come with a petition
For my brother dear

Today he has a challenge
Difficult we see
We know You have a purpose
Faithful may he be

Your light burns in his soul
Your love he carries true
House upon Your rock
Living Word of You

We pray for gift of wisdom
Know Your in control
Embrace of peace surrounding
Love enwrap his soul

Let his way be humble
Your Word upon his tongue
Grace flow from the heart
And may Your will be done

Closing Into Silence

In a space of dryness
Thirsting for the word
Closing into silence
Let Your love be heard

Fountain of the Holy
Living water fill
Flowing of the light
Surrendering the will

Sinners heart acknowledged
Joy in mercy found
Rejoicing in our Savior
Gratefulness abound

Faith in our protector
Let the soul be free
Outpouring in this hope
Live from this dwelling

Whisper of Your Grace

Dwelling of the small still voice
Abiding of within
Breathing of Your love
Constant prayer begin

Safe within loves wall
Transforming of inside
Womb of Spirit bless
Where gift of You resides

Here the stress melts away
Fear lost in ocean deep
Not of the ignoring
But Your perspective keep

Faith is the foundation
Rejoice is the embrace
Sending into world
This whisper of Your grace

A Year of Mercy

A holy man of God
Proclaims a jubilee
Calling all souls to
A year of great mercy

Open wide the doors
Oh Spirit please impart
Your gift of binding love
To enter in the heart

Pushing me to go
Through the Holy door
Loving and forgiving
Your free gift to outpour

Mercy and forgiveness
Not words just beautiful
Received and to be practiced
Given plentiful

Year of celebration
Of our greatest need
Choice of blessed sharing
The one whom we’ve received

One of transformation
Welcoming mercy
Courage for the calling
For all the world to see

Prayer of Stilling Pond

Retreat from busyness
Moving of beyond
Through word of nature speak
A prayer of stilling pond

Psalm of flowing stream
Glory of mountains high
Adrift in ocean deep
Lost within the sky

Light that is laid down
Angles shadow cast
Reflect the color bright
A prism to unmask

Living water flow
Glory of Your might
Mercy of the deep
Found within Your light

A seeking soul discovers
Your treasure of the true
Gifts divine abundant
Drawing soul to You

Season of Enrichment

Season is upon us
One of purple hue
Enriching deep the soul
A time of different view

Be of deep reflection
Returning to the Word
Living of the simple
Spirit pray be heard

Seeking out the poor
To give with open heart
Holding nothing back
Blessings to impart

Fasting from this world
Simple way to be
Focus of the Holy
As it’s not about me

Forty days of sacred
Drawing to the one
When passion was fulfilled
And a new world begun

Stay True

In between the sleep
A word comes flowing through
In challenge of the way
My child, to me, stay true

Easy to lose focus
Through lens of ego see
Protecting my importance
Or my security

When power drives my word
Or drowning in my fear
Returning to the center
Meeting Spirit here

Pulling out the straight edge
Ways of Jesus be
View of heavens love
Shared through humility

Building of the kingdom
Flowing love of You
Aligning of the way
To You, let me, stay true