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Walking on the Water

We’ve so much going on
And uncertainties, here
In our new directions
Apprehensions and old fears

And always there is
Sadness and joy
Love and gratitude
Resentment and fear

Here, beneath our feet
There so much going on
We wonder if these waves
We still can walk upon

But Jesus is with us
Right now and right here
With eyes fixed upon Him
We can walk without fear

He extends His hands
In His gaze, we see
Do not be afraid
My friend, come to me

In the midst of our storms
He’s our safe dwelling place
In our restlessness
He’s our home of grace

Will You Leave Me Too?

God’s word is creative
Becoming what He says
We find throughout the Bible
What God says, is

Unless you eat my flesh
And drink my blood too
You do not have
Everlasting life in you

This message to deliver
One that’s hard but true
Jesus asked his friends
Will you leave me too?

Simon Peter answered
To whom shall we go?
You have the words
Of eternal life, we know

A question that echoes
Still unto this day
Will we stand with Peter?
Or will we turn away

Two Kinds of Weapons

In the great battle
For all of mankind
Two kinds of weapons
Offered, we find

Of good and evil
Here for our choosing
One for the winning
One for the losing

By domination
Instilling of fear
With weapons of power
My pride to build here

The weapons of heaven
Forgiveness, mercy
Of love and of grace
Peace and humility

So let’s pray about it
In our choices daily
Are they for heaven
Or are they for me?


We see the world turn
Towards this tendency
The sin of the thought
That it’s all about me

When we subscribe
To this philosophy
It’s a game we all lose
When we live selfishly

With worries and fear
In stress everyday
The stuff we work for
Will all fade away

What did God send us?
When His Son came to be
Of serving our God
In community

So, let’s turn our heart
This day to begin
To the ways of our Lord
Then we all win!

Come receive the treasure
We all can enjoy
The abundance of gifts
Of His peace, love and joy

Chapel Dark

A chapel dark this morning
One simple light to glow
Soul is welcomed into
Comfort here to know

Familiar is the presence
Of solitude, consume
Acceptance found within
Spirit of the womb

A single lens of focus
One of cross to bear
Eternal Word of light
In arms of love to share

Here, in peace of dwelling
A soft, healing embrace
Tender of bestowing
In-pouring of grace

Resting in unspoken
Words of which are known
In this illumination
The love of God is shown

Lost in

Focus upon me
Control here this day
Lost in stress and fear
Can’t find the way

Turn to the horizon
Of light birthed to shine
Lost in peace and beauty
A taste of the divine

Surrender of the will
With offer of a prayer
Lost in emptiness
I need a Savior here

Found in Your Presence
Embrace of our God
Lost in love and wonder
Eternally awed


A gift of the morning
Awakening to
A soft gentle rain
Appears in the view

A gift here, of offer
Invitation pours through
A welcoming air
Of walking into

A gift of receiving
So soft of caress
A touch of the tender
Feeling so blessed

A gift of the sacred
Of sprinkle, holy
A sweet anointing
Of joy covers me

Forever We’re Bound

My soul rejoices
To our great God above
For grace overwhelming
For this gift of His love

No words to describe
This feeling of finding
Of my soul to yours
The greatest of binding

A gift beyond treasure
Of beauty, amaze
For I am transfixed
Upon you to gaze

A taste here to be
Of eternal love found
A blessing so deep
Forever we’re bound

Beyond of the mortal
Of greatest affection
Through sense of the soul
A divine connection

God Sense

We trust in our sight
For what we believe
But we know that sometimes
Our eyes can deceive

So many waveforms
Flow through the air
We know there is much
Beyond what we hear

Over the years
Of wisdom to grow
We come to discover
We don’t know what we know

Where do we find
True reality?
Through our God sense
Let our vision be

Through gift of the unseen
And knowing of unknown
In truth to believe
What our God has shown

Ordinary Day Becomes

An ordinary morning
As light comes to this day
A breath of fresh air
Clouds drift on their way

Flowers come to blossom
Branches of trees sway
Colors here awaken
Of vision to portray

Between the birdsong calling
Of silence to convey
Listen here dear soul
What Spirit has to say

And through our connection
Of binding here to pray
This journey now becomes
An extraordinary way