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A Drifting

I have been a drifting
Not centered on our prayer
One of deep indwelling
Oh spirit lead me there

Focus gone askew
World caught my gaze
Distracted from you
No time to praise

In closing of eyes
Soul leads the way
Oh Spirit of drawing
Please let us now pray

As gifts of eternal
Rein from above
Let you be my treasure
The source of all love


In depths of the winter
In deaths frozen earth
Above the lights shifting
Ahead a new birth

In depths of the season
In desert of time
From the shifting of me
Transformation sublime

In depths of His passion
From cross of his love
Connection is waiting
In heaven above

In depths of the soul
A light gentle glows
A calling of Spirit
Emblazons the flow

Right Here

Life of the rushing
From minutes to years
Let’s take one moment
To be fully right here

Breath of the taking
Time to let go
Aware in the present
Surrounding to know

Light of the sunshine
A gentle soft breeze
Fragrance of blossom
Sets the soul at ease

One of awareness
A drawing within
To Presence of loving
Moves prayer to begin

Binding in the Cross

Binding in The Cross

In the light of presence
A gaze of passing through
Lifting of the veil
Through Jesus is the view

A binding in the cross
Each of us do bear
Man and God connecting
One for us to share

Seeking of the lowly
Lost within their way
Bearing of the load
Living way to pray

Falling into conflict
A battle of discord
Flowing of your peace
By laying down the sword

Looking past the anger
See wounds my brother faced
Offering Compassion
Meeting with your grace

In our darkest hour
We find you waiting there
Rescued from our burdens
Joy for us to share

In blessing of giving
In times to receive
In the love of the cross
We come to believe


Such a separation
Between heaven and earth
How can the gap be filled?
By a virgin birth

One of the divine
A light flows in between
Still unto this day
Through soul see the unseen

Receive this daily bread
Transformed into above
See within the light
Share this gift of love

Seek within the binding
One of Savior be
A calling of the chosen
Flow this light through me

Presence Of

Grant me Your Presence
Oh Spirit bestow
In walk of my way
Your wisdom to know

Presence of peace
A view of beyond
The treasure of love
One of the bond

Presence of grace
Mercy to share
Compassion of heart
Truly to care

Presence of mercy
Forgiveness at hand
One of the cross
My Lord understands

Presence of love
Abundant may see
Encounters are blessed
Your Presence through me

Web of Love

A web of love is strung
Connection of divine
Interwoven light
Binding hearts to thine

In glimpses of the soul
Moments do appear
We catch a view of light
Attentive, seeing clear

In our time of struggle
A soul of love appears
Delivering the gift
Of which we truly need

Perhaps a chance encounter
A soul to guide the way
Word that touched soul
Echoes to this day

Sometimes in a sunrise
Familiar fragrance brings
Innocence of baby
Joy of song we sing

Something of beyond
Coincidence we say
Insights of the Spirit
Found deep when we pray

Blessed be the soul
Attentive to above
Web of binding light
Connects us all in love

A Funeral

I went to a funeral
Someone I didn’t know
Interesting perspective
Spirit did bestow

A life’s celebration
Goodness all around
Conversation free
Stories did abound

Time she touched my soul
Compassion that she shared
Little acts of service
Showed how much she cared

Eyes sparkled with light
Reflecting inner joy
With path that bonded deep
Laughter we enjoyed

Gifts of the eternal
Linger past earth’s time
In memory of soul
Share gifts of the divine

Another Day

Grateful for another day
To see the sun arise
Seeker of Your beauty
Treasure for my eyes

Drawing air fresh and clean
Light warming the way
First thought as an offering
To be with You and pray

Soul upon a journey
A world of passing through
A day prepared in wisdom
Life sustained through You

Peace that has been gifted
By Savior’s passion shared
Mercy of unending
Love without compare

Soul deserving nothing
With heavens treasures blessed
Truth be of the knowing
Let this heart confess


Sprinkled ‘round the home
Photographs are framed
Memories of love
Moments that we claim

Souls of many faces
One which time has past
Captured in a moment
In our heart they last

Blessings of our God
A touching grace bestowed
Placed within our path
Purpose that He knows

Flashes of His light
Mold the soul above
Treasures of the keeping
Moments of true love