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Two Great Equalizers

Facts of being human
Truths we all do share
Things we have in common
Let’s ponder some right here

Each of us are born
All of us will die
Two great equalizers
To all of us apply

Every soul is loved
And offered grace the same
A choice to be reborn
Eternity to claim

Come share the good news
Our Lord waits patiently
Open the door wide
Embrace Him, joyfully

Let Me Give

Let me give my eyes to You
Your vision of seeing
Let me give my ears to You
Your Spirit of hearing

Let me give my feet to You
To Your way of walking
Let me give my hands to You
To souls of suffering

Let me give my heart to You
To Your grace of cleaning
Let me place my trust in You
For Lord you are my king

Let me give my praise to You
My song is what I’ll sing
Let me pray a prayer to You
A humble offering

Let me give me will to You
For I can do nothing
Let me receive Your grace oh Lord
For You bless everything

Let me give my soul to You
Faithfully trusting
Let me give my life to You
In Your love of sharing

Arch in the Mist

I have an ego
Through lens which I see
Help me to remember
It’s not about me

Here as a mortal
On earth to reside
Through life of the spirit
It’s known there’s two sides

A life that is blessed
With wisdom to know
Towards the divine
To always grow

We can be sure
With faith and with trust
That the Holy spirit
Is seeking us

Sometimes it’s not clear
In mist of the way
With perseverance
Let our soul pray

And in our meeting
Our rejoicing, great
Let’s grow together
Before it’s too late

Changes and Chances

Do not look forward
Forward in fear
To changes and chances
Of life that may appear

Look with full confidence
As they rise, and take rest
That God through His love
By them you’ll be blessed

For He has guided you
And safely He will lead
When burdens are too hard
His arms will meet our need

Our everlasting God
Who cares for you today?
Will care for you tomorrow
And every other day

To shield from suffering
Or with the strength to bear
Be at peace and set aside
All anxious thoughts found here

(Thought from St. Francis de Sales)


I’ve prayed in churches
In so many places
A blessing to soak
Many different spaces

Of cathedrals great
Small chapels too
In folding chairs
And ornate wooden pews

Some of stained glass
Clear windows too
Different perspectives
Of light shining through

Some filled with statues
And paintings so great
Some simply simple
Ways to contemplate

Of centuries old
Some ones brand new
But all share Your presence
Where Spirit pours through

Each share a message
Of a tongue unique
One Word beyond time
Which every soul seeks

Facets of beauty
Of many souls prayer
Wisdom through silence
A treasure to share

And here a connection
Through this prayer of mine
To the eternal binding
Of body divine

Of devotion shown
In many ways
Through building and art
To show our praise

Expressions to worship
Of here to above
A drawing of sharing
Our expression of love


From hopelessness
Take all your despair
Turn to My light
And let it disappear

All loneliness
Take all your fear
Subsumed in love
By My grace here

From shame and guilt
Take all of your sin
In My mercy
Here pour them in

From even death
You can be free
Come trust in my


Imagine how life
Would be affected
If you simply accept
That you are accepted

Imagine just how
You will feel loved
If you simply accept
That you’re His beloved

Imagine the joy
As purpose flows in
If you simply accept
That you are His chosen

Imagine God’s gifts
For us to receive
If you simply surrender
In Him to believe

No need to imagine
These blessings, afar
If you simply accept
That that’s who you are

Prayer of Petition

A prayer of petition
For a loved one
We say the words
That’s not all to be done

To ponder the prayer
And truly believe
God’s will will be done
And grace they’ll receive

In my way or not
But with the faith of
Trust in the knowing
Their blessed with God’s love

Such a precious gift
Of joy to embrace
With a simple request
We share our God’s grace

A Light Shining for You

There’s a light that’s shining
One that’s calling you
Come now, draw your focus
To love that’s pouring through

Candle in a chapel
Rays of a sunrise
Lamp upon a Bible
In another’s eyes

Prayer of grace receiving
Peace within the air
Word of inspiration
Love of which to share

A simple turn of seeking
The spirit we will see
With gifts of His outpouring
Here now blessing me

Demand of Love

In the Christian life
Through Jesus we see
We’re loved as we are
And what we’re called to be

Love is an action
It’s not always easy
To die unto self
Love sacrificially

Turn the other cheek
To show great mercy
To carry your cross
Love your enemy

Let us ask the question
Our great calling of
What is the present
Demand of His love