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If we think about it
In all that we do
Our life’s a response
It’s all up to you

How many decisions
Are all about me
In choices we make
To act selfishly

Driven by fear
Or security
Power or fame
Or of money

Let’s start with a prayer
To our God above
Let our life’s response
Flow from his gift of love


Layers of Colors

Layers of colors
Deepness of view
As this day is born
Let me be rebirthed too

A psalm of silence
Is gifted unto
In sweet surrender
I offer my silence too

Easy of finding
Your Presence true
In drawing of love
I offer my presence too

Comfort embracing
A prayer whispered through
Love of the flowing
I offer of my prayer too

In layers of drifting
Lights facets of you
Graced by your blessings
Let me reflect too

The More of You

Window of light
Window of love
A narrow gate
Of dwelling above

A passageway
Of the Spirits flow
Of Presence abiding
For soul here to know

Deep the desire
Let my passion be
Focused on letting
In seeking of Thee

For the more of You
That I come to know
The more of You I want
Of drawing You bestow

What Is of This

What is of this knowing
Of the morning light
That comforts deep the soul
That all will be alright

What is of this drawing
That calls us here to be
Lost within the finding
That You are loving me

What is of this stilling
Of peace within “the here”
Intimate of binding
A simple perfect prayer

What is of this moving
Of calling here to love
Pray we be of sharing
This gift from You above

Treasure of the capture
Found within this view
Stilling, drawing, loving
For this is of You

First Step of this Day

I am of the morning
Sense My Presence here
Known within the soul
Being everywhere

Let go of what was
For that was yesterday
I bless a new beginning
A path within the way

Joy within my colors
Hope within the light
Peace of dwelling deep
Know you’re my delight

Draw the breath of Spirit
Intimate we pray
Foundation in our binding
The first step of this day

Let Me Reset

I view the sweet sunrise
A pause, won’t allow
As voices are saying
No time for that now

I pass by the table
Where my bible lay
Stress overwhelms
No time to pray

Decision before me
Fear of the result
Lack of direction
No Spirit, consult

A friend with a need
A trouble to share
Let’s catch up later
Shows that I don’t care

You blessed me peace
A Word for the heart
Spirit of guiding
A binding impart

I gave it all up
For ashes empty
Let me reset
With You, let me be