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A Posture of Prayer

A moment of pause
Acknowledgement here
One of Your Presence
A posture of prayer

Two come together
Creating a space
In meeting of hands
Dependent on grace

Bless now a stillness
Attention turn to
In time of the soul
Of the inner view

A moving intention
Trust the Spirits flow
Bless connection divine
For the soul to know


Great Healer

Oh, my great healer
I turn unto thee
My hope and salvation
Through my misery

A test through the fire
Past trial and toil
Bless Your living water
To nourish the soil

Tend to my soul
May Your light be shown
Let You carry the yolk
With Your precious love known

Wisdom of view
Of moment to see
We are the chosen
Of eternity

Being of a Prayer

Have you had a morning
Of vision to appear
That you have all you need
Right now and right here

Immersed in your beauty
One so crystal clear
Colors so much brighter
Becoming soul aware

Gentle breeze caressing
Fresh and cool the air
Presence of fulfilling
Drawing of You near

Peace filled be the moment
Being of a prayer
Carrying now with me
The way of You to share

Give God a Chance

Lift up the window
Breeze to flow through
Fresh air of breathing
Turn of the view

Open the door
Of neighbor to greet
Be God’s beloved
A new soul to meet

Turning of page
Of scripture to know
Through soul of Spirit
His wisdom to show

Let go of control
With faith to enhance
Step out of the box
Won’t you give God a chance?

Wisdom of Water

Questions of life
For answers we seek
Through wisdom of water
Let the Spirit speak

Temptations of world
Descend from afar
Will drift away
For they’re not who we are

Events of our life
Rise high and low
As waves drift, along
We follow His flow

In stilling waves calm
A beauty to see
In the lights reflection
Be souls’ purpose be

All Within My Prayer

Let Your light shine upon
All within my prayer
May their eyes awaken
To find your Spirit near

Light be cast upon them
To follow in the way
A purpose of their soul
To share Your love this day

They are Your beloved
The chosen ones to know
Carrying Your Spirit
Wherever they may go

Be not heart discouraged
If clouds of shadow fall
Quick be pause of prayer
To listen for Your call

Blessings be before them
For their hearts to see
Quick be praise of giving
The way of Your beauty

My Happy Place

You are always seeking
At our door to enter
Let You flow within
Dwelling at the center

Silence of embracing
Peace here permeates
Comfort of surrounding
Love to procreate

In our deepest valleys
Light for which to yearn
You are always waiting
For me to return

My soul has come to realize
Through moments of Your grace
Dwelling in Your Presence
You are my happy place