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Now You

Oh, my dear beloved
How I miss you so
But it brings me joy
In heaven, now you know

Your simple acts of love
The ripples didn’t know
In His love complete
Now you see how love flows

Things that made no sense
You trusted in His plan
In God’s providence
Now you understand

In your prayers you heard
A whisper from above
Now your silence speaks
In Spirits voice of love

Soaking, Molding, Shining

A sponge that’s hard and dry
Parched that it has been
Let living water flow
Soaking it all in

A solid lump of clay
Knows not what it can be
Let Your hand of love
Mold it tenderly

That of wax and wick
A simple candle light
Ignite with Spirits flow
Shining Your light bright

A soul of the needing
Presence flowing through
Soaking, molding, shining
Bless me, all of You!

Found My Lover

In the dawning stillness
As the light appears
And I found my lover
In the beauty shared

Within adoration
Of a silent prayer
And I found my lover
One of Presence here

Though I didn’t see
Until our eyes did meet
And I found my lover
Begging in the street

In a love so pure
Perhaps I’ll grow to see
When I find my lover
In my enemy

Within This Light

For here is where
Our Savior, meet
Within this light
His love complete

A gift for free
Just to believe
His treasure shared
Us to receive

Peace and hope
Mercy, grace
Eternal life
Of love, embrace

Our soul to shine
Our joy abounds
Good news to share
Our Saviors found!

Me and My Lover

Me and my lover
Each dawning we meet
An intimate sharing
Our feelings complete

With a heart of compassion
No judgment to see
Encouraging always
The best that’s of me

A love that is true
Even if I stop trying
The thought of my lover
Sends endorphins flying

Rejoicing in joy’s
Laughter abounds
When I am confused
Wisdom is found

When sorrow finds me
Comforting fears
A warm embrace
And drying my tears

When my hearts longing
Throughout the day
My God and my lover
Appears when I pray

A Few Questions

Can you hurry a sunrise?
Flower faster to grow
Each morning, a practice
Of patience to show

Can I have it all now?
Your wisdom bestow
Through grace of Your giving
It takes a lifetime to know

How great is your love
I want to comprehend
Every moment each day
No eternity end

Why can’t I hear you
In silence be heard
For your love of all
Is One beyond words

Great Gift Above

God knows our challenge
Of worry and fear
He blesses the sky
His comfort to share

Always above us
A wondrous gift
Outpouring of light
Our Spirit to lift

Infinity’s view
In a prayer to wander
Of the beyond
His great love to ponder

In sunrise and sunset
Of masterpiece paint
In peace of the night
Of stars’ sparkle faint

This blessing to cherish
Throughout our day
To cast view above
Soul arising to pray