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Chasing Everything

Once when I was holy
Of innocence so pure
Filled within of Spirit
With Your strength to endure

Then the world consumed me
I slowly drifted away
I just got so busy
Seldom did I pray

Chasing everything
I began to see
Though my life was filled
I just felt so empty

Searching for the answer
The soul began to yearn
Into open arms
The prodigal returns


Don’t Try to Be Holy

Don’t try to be holy
Just be yourself
Just to be you
And nobody else

Be the best version
Uniquely you
Start with God’s love
And let it flow through

Follow your passions
Using your gifts
Sharing your story
His light to lift

Binding with others
To be fully real
Be who God made you
The world to reveal

If we are humble
In grounding to pray
Then we will follow
His holy way

Quotes of Gratitude

An early-morning walk
A blessing for the day
A friend along my side
Is found when I pray

Taking time to stop
Enjoy this moment here
For its now or never
Eternal with a prayer

When I complain
A prayer to rebuff
For gratitude makes
All I have be enough

Gratitude is riches
Complaint is poverty
Oh Lord, here what you bless
Please let my treasure, be

Day of Joy

Oh Lord help me to let
This be a day of joy
Blessed within the Spirit
With these truths to employ

To know that I am loved
By One beyond compare
Constant and forever
My source of joy found here

Of peace that’s known in Christ
A friend beyond compare
To see Him and to be
The peace of Him now here

That heavens my true home
Of hope beyond compare
One to share in now
Through love to bring it here

Spirit to Bind

Look at creation
The little we know
Of trinity’s model
Reflecting the flow

Smallest of atoms
Of dwelling within
Neutron, electrons
Together they spin

Our solar system
Surrounding the sun
To galaxies great
All move as one

Same for our soul
Deep need that we find
With Father and Son
In Spirit to bind

Doing Well

Here’s a list, of some things
A simple way to tell
Think it through, all you need
If we’re really doing well

Grateful for, simple things
And the happiness it brings
Every day let us sing
For the joy of little things

Thankful for, water clean
And a roof above my head
Have clean clothes, I can breathe
And I have my belly fed

Have a dream, a good heart
Strive for better things to do
Help a friend, wish them well
And know someone cares for you

We are loved, we love too
And we have a purpose true
Let us care, let us share
Love in everything we do

There’s a list, of some things
Of some simple ways to tell
Little things, all you need
And we’re really doing well