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Settle now
In sunset setting
Into the soul
Of Spirit letting

Bid adieu
To light this day
In gratitude
Of blessings way

Soft and slow
We dissipate
Into the arms
Creator, great

Of lessons learned
Of providence
In molding of
Our trusting sense


A Worshiping Community

I love to be
With those of Thee
A worshiping

In prayer unique
The chosen of

A binding here
For soul to see
One body blessed
Of unity

How I wish
The world would be
All as one
So purposely

But You will use
These humbly
To shine You love
So joyfully


Losing direction
A moving to prayer
We find in Your Presence
Our being here

No sense of purpose
Have hit a snare
A binding in You
Our becoming here

Worries surround me
World filled with fear
Under Your wing
Our security here

Feeling so needy
A calling to share
Blessings bestowing
Our fulfilling here

4 Steps of Gods’ Will

How do I get to heaven
A thought we contemplate
Jesus has the answer
Pass through the narrow gate

Following God’s will
Four steps to employ
Find it and to do it
Keep it and enjoy!

Find it in the scriptures
Wise people and in prayer
In life’s circumstances
The voice of Spirit, hear

It’s not enough to hear it
For we must do it to
Love, and peace and mercy
To His Word to be true

We must be disciplined
In our faith of growing
To be disciplined
Jesus be our knowing

Staying of the course
Of good news to share
Hope and joy to spread
To bring heaven here

(based upon a sermon by Fr. Colin)

A Morning Of

A morning of
A moments peace
A blessings gift
Here to release

Still the air
Soul to reflect
The new born light
My way affect

Birth lens anew
In view of love
Becoming now
My being of

Flow within
The Spirit letting
The way of You
Of attitude setting