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Touching Solitude

Freshly blessed receivers
Dispersing now the bread
Emptying the house
Pray many more are fed

A blessing in the sending
This soul remains behind
Solitude of touching
Dwelling here one finds

Resting now in Presence
Spirit still flowing
Alive within rejoicing
Deepen souls knowing

Song within the silence
Embrace one cannot leave
Residue of love
Beyond what we conceive


Sunday Morning

Waking Sunday morning
In lights’ gentle call
Resting in Your comfort
Into You I fall

Warm is this days dawning
As moonlight drifts away
An offering this morning
A simple way I pray

Souls of one will gather
Drawing to Your light
Seekers to receive
Blessings of insight

May lost feel a stirring
To move in drawings way
Towards the light of love
New beginning found this day

Saturday Morn’

Within the light of birdsong
Lake is sleeping in
Morning of this Saturday
A stroll of soul begin

On bench on visions shore
A message to reform
Breeze flows over water
Through spirits breath transforms

Angles of lights shining
Reflects a different way
In echo of pines hollow
Creations silence prays

Wonder full of beauty
A pausing soul will lift
A seeker finds its’ treasure
Stillness is morning’s gift

Grateful Happening

What happens here this day
I pray response to see
Word flow from the heart
Grateful my soul be

As child of the Father
Through His son connecting
With brother side walking
A path of sovereign King

If trouble this day find me
Let all worry flee
My trust fall in Your hand
You’re my security

If joy falls from above
Fills my heart with glee
Let us rejoice together
May praise all be to thee

People of the Morning

People of the morning
To water they are drawn
Centering within
Thoughts of Spirit spawned

A run upon a path
Exercise to do
In letting go of mind
A journey into You

Walking of step slow
With friend in which to share
Bonding of two souls
Words speak with Your care

Alone with cup of coffee
Comfort in their hand
Turning towards the bonding
In Your arms to land

On bench of vision sit
To be and contemplate
Wonders of Your beauty
And your friendship great

One within the deep
Waves of Spirit flow
Touching of the light
Connection to You, know

Time of Grandeur

Once a time of grandeur
Of joy of summer days
Winds of time have blown
Passing it away

Hopes are now sun setting
Restoration beyond grip
Age has come upon us
Sands through fingers slip

Memories a drifting
Upon the surface float
Eager of the sharing
Value in their note

Purpose now is sinking
Worth of life take stock
Reflections of surroundings
Life’s mysteries unlock

Filled now with life’s wisdom
Realization of the true
I am not immortal
Unless through me in You

Thoughts based upon a photo from Glitchy Artist
Photo from Glitchy Artist


Soul intentions seeking
Worlds view now abating
Falls to open arms
In God of patience waiting

Creator and created
Two beings now as one
Grace of greater giving
Conversation here begun

Meeting of divine
How can words be heard
Voice of human speaks
In silence, loves the word

Receiver of the blessing
With ear of soul to hear
Loves eternal source
Gives all He has to share