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Lessons of a Birdsong

When I was a child
You’d hear a bird song
Your Spirit would brighten
And you’d sing along

A beautiful chorus
As they’d sing back to you
You taught me to pause
And cherish it too

Throughout my life
I’ve treasured this gift
To pause and listen
My Spirit to lift

A sprinkling of joy
Wherever I go
With lyrics of love
You’re with me I know

Joy in Returning

A blessing of dawning
To dwell in and pray
A resting in stillness
Awakens this day

Recounting the moments
Of yesterday
Grateful for gifts
You sent in my way

Food for the soul
To nourish the deep
A practice of molding
Gratefulness, keep

Thankful for treasures
Of grace’s You bear
Joy in returning
With You to share

Our Intimacy

Speak of the horizon
Of its beauty sent
Details of the colors
To your soul, what they meant

Share me of a story
One felt in your heart
Sorrow or of joy
Wisdom to impart

Send picture of ocean
The vastness of sea
The way the waves shine
Is a treasure to me

Let us pray of silence
In comfort may we be
So grateful my friend
Of our intimacy

Taking and Giving

On taking and giving
We hear the world say
Take what you can get
Before it slips away

We buy and get and store
All we can today
But the soul is empty
We need Another way

In the scriptures treasure
We hear our Jesus say
If you want love and joy
Give it all away

Truth within the finding
When we’ve lived our last day
The only thing you take
Is what you gave away

Language of the Light

Heard in the sunrise
And stars of the night
For silence is
The language of the light

A calling to stillness
With gifting of peace
A simple surrender
Of will to release

Forever seeking
Throughout the day
Intimate drawing
Of being to pray

With warmth of its love
We become whole
For God we encounter
In dwelling of soul

Having a Bad Day

So many times
I hear myself say
Of words or of thought
That I had a bad day

So disappointed
Heart of dismay
That I’m frustrated
Things didn’t go my way

Posture deserving
Perfection expect
Way of my heart
Attitude effect

Know in my heart
These words, if I can
“Oh, my Lord you have
A perfect plan”