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The More

Something occurs
As I pass through the door
Into Your presence
That speaks of “the more”

Muscles relaxing
Bones hit the floor
Grace overwhelming
Your being, outpour

Me, dissipating
Soul at the core
A melting into
You to adore

Abundant Your blessings
Of treasure galore
The compass resetting
Of way to restore


The Way of Yours

In genuine
Your realness is
Attracting me

A witness here
Of living see
Your faith is
Encouraging me

A comforting
Acceptance be
Your selflessness
Is loving me

True grace found
In shared mercy
Your blessedness
Is healing me

A longing stirs
For me to see
The way of You
Is calling me

Waves of the Dawning

Blessed every morning
In waves of the dawning
Senses of filling
The Spirit is spawning

Song of the bird
Ears of the filling
A sparkling reflection
Of colors spilling

Emptiness carries
Sound through the air
A transparency
Allows light shining clear

Hint of reminder
Same be for you
With waves of the Spirit
Through us to flow through

With a gift of sharing
From another place
Let the Spirit flow
With the waves of grace

Open Sky

In mountains and prairies
And ocean of blue
The open sky calling
A drawing to You

Eyes of the lifting
Soul follows along
Of “me” dissipating
In One we belong

Soul of the freeing
Of drifting above
Spirit of binding
Breathing His Love

A simple glance
Opens the door
A practice of turning
Desire of more

Into the Nothing

Unpacking, unwinding
Emptiness know
Into the nothing
Here let us go

Just of the being
To Spirit appeal
Gift of the filling
Of grace to reveal

No expectations
Just one of the needing
Hunger and thirsting
Soul of the feeding

A joyful encounter
Beyond of the knowing
Everything found
In gifts overflowing

No Regrets

Was there ever a time
Did I ever regret
That I was kind
To a person I met

Was there ever a place
That it wasn’t wise
When I was humble
That I would revise

Was there ever a moment
That I would take back
When I showed love
But wished I attacked

So, let us take note
To be humble and kind
Showing Your love
To all that we find

Word of the Becoming

Reading of the Word
Into thought of turning
Through a spark of Spirit
Thought becomes a yearning

Into simple silence
Drawing into praying
Love becomes the Word
Spirit of conveying

Being of the sacred
Spirit of absorbing
Love of the becoming
Word of the transforming

Blessing of the sending
Soul of the preparing
Servant of becoming
Word to be of sharing