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Jesus, Jesus

Jesus, Jesus here with me
Blessed within Your mystery

Jesus, Jesus rescue me
Soul be of dependency

Jesus, Jesus soak in me
Presence here, internally

Jesus, Jesus forgive me
Joy within Your mercy

Jesus, Jesus bind in me
A dwelling of eternity

Jesus, Jesus flow through me
Love be known, completely

Jesus, Jesus go with me
Love to share abundantly

Find Me There

The light pours through the windowpane
And I become aware
In fragrance of the flower’s breath
I feel your presence here

Find deep within your soul
The love of which we share
In times of deepest longing be
You’ll always find me there

Your whisper in the silence speaks
My child, I love you so
And though we found it difficult
It came my time to go

Find deep within your soul
The love of which we share
In times of deepest sorrow be
You’ll always find me there

In words beyond our tongue could speak
With you in a new way
Closer of our binding be
To be with you always

Find deep within your soul
The love of which we share
In times you’re feeling all alone
You’ll always find me there

Ingrained within your heart
My love I hope you find
Reflection of our memories
Of love beyond all time

The warming of your soul
The love of which we share
In thought of deepest memory
You’ll always find me there

Look to me throughout the day
When you hear a cardinal sing
Glimpsed within a child’s joy
We’ll think of happy things

Feel deep within your soul
The love of which we share
Practicing of simple things
You’ll always find me there

The joy within this Mothers day
The blossoms everywhere
The hope of heaven here to be
I feel you oh so near

Know deep within your soul
The love of which we share
The promise of eternity
You’ll always find me there

Know deep within your soul
There’s nothing now to fear
For when it comes your time to go
You’ll find me waiting here

Regret Not

Now in reflection
Of a greater view
Regrets that I have
More than a few

I wished I was kinder
And more patient too
Spoke more the thought
That I love you

Prayed more with the Word
Of the scriptures true
Seen all of my worries
Were of no value

Practiced compassion
Forgive the undue
Lived in the moment
With Spirit, pursue

Words we’d all say
When our life is through
But it is not
So today, let us do


Still in the season
Within Easters glow
In joy of arising
A view out the window

A touch of Your grace
Anoints the meadow
Bursting in joy
A field of yellow

Of buttercups blessing
Of beauty to know
A miracle here
Of blessing bestowed

Our glorious God
Through Your love to show
In planting of seeds
In our soul to grow

Answered Prayer

A dear friend, came to mind
I offered up a prayer
Later on I heard from them
The prayer was answered, clear

Let me hold within my heart
The joy of answered prayer
The grace and goodness of our God
We hold this treasure dear

Let it shine within my soul
Our God to adore
As I go throughout this day
To offer up some more!

Peace beyond this world be known
Our true security
From this day until our last
That you will rescue me

Prophet of the Morning Sky

In sky above
Of gentle hue
The prophets voice
Speaks in the view

In life ahead
Find both be true
In joys of pink
And sorrows blue

Within our prayer
May fears subdue
As blessed light
Comes shining through

A path this day
Let us pursue
In sharing both
In love with You

Of Spirit

Sing a song of praise
Sing it loud and clear
Let it join with Spirit
Let it fill the air

Shine a light of joy
Shine it everywhere
Let it flow with Spirit
Let darkness disappear

Pray a prayer of thanks
Pray with heart sincere
Let in speak in Spirit
Let my way it steer

Serving of the lonely
Serving love to share
Let it be of Spirit
Let You be in me here