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Blessing Granted

Gift of blessing granted
Grateful the received
Touch of heaven planted
Beyond what soul conceives

Dwell in sweet absorbing
Infusion of Your light
Divine in human melding
Word and soul unite

Drop of the transforming
Empty bucket fill
Gradual transition
Conforming of the will

Something of the happening
Trust within the way
Deep beyond the knowing
Surrendering we pray


In this Holy season
A note of Spirit share
Abiding in reflection
An offering of prayer

Grateful for Lords blessing
He’s placed you in my way
Through the souls connection
Enlightened the pathway

Light flows through your smile
Joys shines in your eyes
Fragrance of His Spirit
Shared words of insight, wise

May wonder fill your Spirit
May peace rest in your soul
Feel God’s love overflowing
Know He is in control

A Christmas message sent
His promise known with trust
His love through you I see
That God is here with us

Guide The Way

Relationship broken
For healing I yearn
Don’t have an answer
Nowhere to turn

Heart has been wounded
Why can’t they see
How they are wrong
My view to see

I come to You Lord
And offer my will
Seeking Your wisdom
But can’t let go still

Making some progress
Of giving control
My pride overwhelms
Fall back in the hole

Oh Lord how I need You
Instill love here this day
Let light overwhelm me
Please guide the way

Everything Is Grace

Truth be in this knowledge
My grateful heart embrace
From God who’s only love
Everything is grace

In this morning’s rising
Of horizons colors view
God of new beginning
Each day is made anew

Failures of intention
From Your path I swerve
You bless me with Your mercy
Not what I deserve

When my soul is needy
No way to comprehend
A light within the path
An angel that You send

Connection of divine
Your Spirit dwells within
Perfect love is known
A Savior genuine

Two Wills

In the midst of prayer
A place between two wills
Seeking of the way
An answer to fulfill

Just can’t seem to find it
Perhaps in my disguise
Behind my vision blind
A truth to recognize

I am justifying
Why I’m in the right
Won’t look in the corners
To cast Your guiding light

Fall now to the deeper
My will down now lay
Drinking of new wine
Lead me on Your way


In a day that’s gloomy
Drawing to Your near
A smile found in the light
That You love me dear

Message of uplifting
A need fulfilled this day
Resting in Your Presence
In holiness to pray

Be within the silence
Let the tongue now rest
Receive of gift outpouring
Dwell in this request

Eyes close in transition
From earthly to divine
Filling of indwelling
Blessed love of thine

A Little Downcast

Today, a little downcast
Weary are the bones
Bearing daily cross
Feeling all alone

Withdrawing in retreat
To God who never fails
Prayer of binding deep
One beyond the veil

Soul within the seeking
To hear Him say, I know
Basking in the light
That speaks, He loves me so

Treasure is this gift
Foundation made of stone
Soul of rescued joy
Grace of God is known

Her Morning Dwell

She rests in quiet comfort
Dwelling in the Word
Basking in Your Presence
Insights deep are stirred

Nourishment of soul
In time committed true
Bridge of bonding built
Intimate with You

Love beyond all words
Surrounding in the air
Drawing heavens grace
Above, within now here

In missions path this day
She carries fragrance sweet
Sharing of Your Presence
With everyone she meets

I Know

Dwell within these words, I know
My Savior speaks to me
One of deepest wisdom
Faith for me to see

When I’m all alone
Light not casting glow
Prayer of deepest need
Is answered with, I know

When I’m suffering
Dealt a harmful blow
Compassion of our Lord
Is felt the word, I know

Lost within the way
Don’t know which way to go
Voice of deep within
Speaks word that says, I know

To know that I don’t know
But know the faith you show
Cherishing this knowledge
And know the word, I know

Prayer of Offering

Sun sings song of dawning
Sky paints its display
Water of reflecting
Creating view this day

Masterpiece of color
Birthed from the one light
Pure of deepest beauty
Feast for souls delight

Prayer of offering
Be of whole world through
Lifting of the eyes
To see the light of You

Gift unto the ocean
Evil of the heart
Lost in dissipation
Peace that You impart

Soft breeze of the turning
Cast net to other side
Filling with abundance
Gifts that you provide