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Mother Theresa, “I Listen”

A story is told
Of an interview
With Mother Theresa
A way of her view

What are the words
That you use to pray?
She said, “I listen”
Is what “I say”

Another question posed
Then what does God say
She replied “He listens”
And we go on that way

We pray with longing
Desire that we share
He responds with love
The Word is what we hear

A silent transformation
Of being we await
A binding intimate
Of way to contemplate


Grace in the Water

There’s grace in the water
Of possibility
Through a heart of faith
A blessing could save me

Through way of the Word
The true self of me
A calling of answer
A disciple to be

Fruit of the vine
Of Saviors will be done
A single drop of blood
Could save everyone

Within every soul
May we seek and find
The image of God
A spark of divine

Seeking of the Hue

Arising into dawning
Sunrise gifts’ debut
A hint beyond of calling
Seeking of the hue

One not of the forcing
Being, flowing through
Posture of receiving
Falling, into view

With a scent of stillness
A turn of inner ear
Practice of attuning
Of Spirits voice to hear

Drawing breath consuming
Sweet surrounding air
Found within the silence
Of wisdom spoken clear

Ahead in souls’ encounter
To gift the Spirits share
The need beyond the seeing
To the lost everywhere

Between the Waves

In ocean of life
Let the soul crave
Seeking of silence
Between the waves

Deep within prayer
Let soul be rebirthed
Seeking your wisdom
Between Heaven and earth

Dwelling above
Unveiling the shroud
Seeking the Light
Between the clouds

Encounter of gifting
Let the truth be heard
Binding of knowing
Between their words

Something of Here

Taking a moment
To breathe in the light
In this being here
All seems just right

Something is here
In drawing of deep
Within letting go
The Spirit now seeps

A drifting beyond
Within of above
Where I want to be
In gifting of love

The answer unto
Of searching to find
The something of here
Your Presence divine

We Look to Our Lord

In mornings dawning
In path of new day
The horizon presented
In infinite ways

Gray sky is gloomy
Rain pouring down
Or brilliant light shining
Of colors surround

God of great love
Blessed us His Word
His Son lived the way
Sent Spirit stirred

When I can’t do it
There’s too much to bear
We look to our Lord
On the cross, find Him there

Beauty of Stillness

A whisper of offer
Of silence flows through
A moment of stillness
Of calling from You

A pause in the way
Of falling into
A dwelling of stillness
Of quiet with You

An intimate binding
Of love in the view
A prayer of stillness
Of being with You

A vessel of offer
Of gift of value
A peace of stillness
Of sharing with You