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Let It Be So

Through the love of Father
An awful vision, know
Not fully comprehended
You said, let it be so

Betrayed by Your beloved
With kiss he did bestow
Your friends all protested
You said, let it be so

In morning, you’re convicted
Sentenced to death row
The unjust washed their hands
You said, let it be so

Pierced with crown of thorns
Endured a pride filled blow
Lashings on Your back
You said, let it be so

A cross upon Your back
To Golgotha did go
Knew what laid ahead
You said, let it be so

Nails piercing the skin
Blood from body flows
Cross is lifted high
You said, let it be so

With teasing and with mocking
Insults they did throw
You gazed upon with love
You said, let it be so

A question now of why
An example You did show
Of love with no conditions
That You want us to know



Hello my name Pontius
Important man I am
A position filled with power
Decisions in my hand

A feeling overcomes
As different this day be
A crowd gathers now
With man here brought to me

There’s something in His eyes
A captivating gaze
Deep within the known
Can’t help but be amazed

Accusation placed upon him
A decision must I make
A claim in God before me
His life now should I take?

The crowd is getting anxious
Their eyes focused on me
I turn and questions ask him
And silent His voice be

Heart cannot convict Him
As light shines from within
A question fills my soul
I can forgive your sins

My position is now threatened
A crowd filled, all annoyed
I say I wash my hands
Decision to avoid

His presence gone away
Hopelessness is known
I failed to take a stand
My weakness is now shown

In my day ahead
Choices I will make
Will my faith be strong?
Christ love please let me take

My name no longer Pontius
New name given to me
Through the love of Jesus
My name His mercy be

Omelet Maker

I’m glad our paths did cross
Even in a short way
You shared with me your story
A light shone in my day

You gave me nourishment
In attitude so great
Thankful is your soul
Made me contemplate

One of a birthday
Each day a gift anew
Thankful to our God
As His light shone through you

Moment of connection
Your cross you shared with me
A prayer I offer you
Hope one you’ll say for me

Desert of the Season

In the desert of the season
Something different in the scene
In the time of nothingness
Treasures great are unseen

Silence blankets covered statues
Royal purple on display
Promises coming to fruition
Found in three triumphant days

Victory can soon be realized
Drawing deeper to the One
Containing joy in the knowing
Light of glory, through the Son

First the suffering must be witnessed
Through the lamb who paid the price
Time in the tomb, must be lived
Eternity won through sacrifice

In the light of resurrection
The greatest day for all mankind
Explodes the joy of all creation
A savior’s love, we pray, all find

Jesus Soon Appearing

A Holy Week upon us
One for each is meant
Touches of the sacred
Blessings to us sent

Let us be attentive
Let door be opened wide
May the soul be willing
For Spirit to reside

From depth of our Lords passion
A cross for us He bear
Stories of us human
Wisdom for us shared

Into tomb unknowing
From death our fear is spread
Jesus soon appearing
Risen from the dead

Miracles appearing
As truth, he now employs
Our hope, incarnate risen!
Let’s raise our heart with joy!

The Souls Call

How be thee now
This soul of mine
So precious to
My God divine

Dost thou now fret?
In worries toil
In frozen fear
Our gifts to spoil

Now cast aside
Oh worldly view
To dwell within
The love of You

Oh precious light
Of Spirits song
May will join in
To sing along

Oh heaven bring
This soul employ
Proclaim Your name
With peace and joy!

Walking Trail

On a walking trail
A journey lays ahead
One step at a time
Through the woods I’m led

In the deep of forest
Past fields of thirsting brown
Over streams of flowing
Leaves that been cast down

Climbing of steep hills
Lost in valley deep
Past the darken shadows
A story starts to seep

Dew on morning grass
Glimpses of the light
Sparkles of the stream
Cast a new insight

Into song and silence
Through swamp and the sunrise
Experience of being
In now the treasure lies

This trail forms a loop
Return from whence has came
Path of Spirit knowing
Gift our God proclaims

Notes within soul’s journal
Sees, I was not alone
In the lights reflection
The way my Lord has shone