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Children of the Light

Souls of sweet encounter
Around them a soft glow
Holiness surrounding
Perceive, something we know

Radiance about them
Of peace and joy within
Moving of soul closer
Need drawing us in

Encounter of the sacred
Something in the seeing
Light receiving soaking
We leave a better being

Sweet message of knowing
Of heavens unseen grace
A window of Your light
Shines to a better place

Need of Silence

We need to find God
He cannot be found
In restlessness
And noise that surrounds

God is a friend
Of silence, you see
Let now this thought
Rest within me

See how in nature
The flowers and trees
Grass grows in silence
Let us now be

See now the stars
With nothing to prove
With sun and the moon
In silence they move

Let us align
Surrender, our goal
We all need silence
To touch our soul

(Based upon words from Mother Teresa)


A vision came to me
Of when our life is through
With lessons in our pocket
A choice for me and you

We stand upon a cliff
And heaven do we see
But of in between
Great chasm that there be

Wanting to just jump it
But in my heart I know
The gap is just too far
And Hell, lies just below

On the other side
With love, my Lord appears
With word of “trust me friend”
Leap right over here

Have I learned the lesson?
That He will see me through
To take a leap of faith
And fall in arms of You

Simple Act

Simple act of breathing
Air comes flowing in
Turning now to Spirit
A drawing of within

Simple act of praying
Through a perfect love
Bridge built through Your Son
Here flows from above

Simple act of being
One of Spirit be
Bonding with the One
Who is loving me

Simple act of loving
Willing good to be
Selfless act of giving
Flowing You through me


Long journey made
Through a dusty path
Jesus is sweaty
In need of a bath

An innocent babe
So meek and so mild
The freshness of birth
Emits from the child

The wind at His back
From the salty sea
Word filling senses
Of a memory

A scent that surprises
That draws me into
Welcomed acceptance
Through the love of You

In my visions path
May I find You today
Whatever the scent
To not turn away

Treasure of the Keep

Find Your sunny place
And rest within the light
Bask in warming love
Awaken Spirit bright

Whatever now surrounds
Ahead, behind, above
Know from One of light
That you are deeply loved

Dwell within the knowledge
Coming to believe
Welcoming the gift
Of love just to receive

Surrender now the soul
Penetrate the deep
Store this knowledge there
Treasure of the keep

Transform Inner Sight

Holy water drips
Upon my forehead cold
Into Presence precious
A beauty to behold

A body wrapped in sin
Comes before true light
With a deep desire
To transform inner sight

To cleanse a prideful heart
To walk within Your way
Laying down before You
Surrendering to pray

One to give the will
And rest in Your embrace
Grateful trust in mercy
Dependent on Your grace