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Communing With You

The scene is now calling
A drawing to pause
One of just being
Without any cause

Peace, the enticement
Not of this world be
A gaze of beyond
The treasure to see

Through Spirit of love
A bridge has been won
A blessing bestowed
Through passion of Son

A simple few moments
Of dwelling into
Prayer of unknown
Communing with You


Gift Away

Listen for His calling
The one for us to be
Deep of inner silence
His love eternally

Willing to surrender
Resting in the now
Stilling of the soul
Spirits gifts, allow

One of deepest thirsting
Need that drives the heart
Dwell within the fountain
Divinity, take part

Blessed be this treasure
No hurry to this prayer
One of word receiving
Soul aligned, prepared

A calling of much higher
A servant of the way
Filled, the blessed seek
To give the gift away

Be of this Moment

Be of this moment
Cast worries away
Love in the present
Gift of this day

Live with the purpose
Of sharing His love
Eternal perspective
Of heaven above

Share of the gifts
Be who you can be
Depend upon grace
It’s not about me

Joy of acceptance
Grace covering
Protection of Jesus
Peace surrounding

Deepest Voice

Resting in the moment
To search of deepest need
Words within the silence
One which soul perceives

Found in letting go
Releasing of the will
Of the world transition
Letting soul be still

Arriving soft as light
Gentle voice speaks clear
Fragrance of acceptance
Surrounding everywhere

Be with me my child
Absorb this message true
Drink of living word
That I cherish you

Share with me your needs
Safe in my embrace
Word of only love
Dwell in peace and grace

Flickering Candle

Soul of little flame
Flickers high and low
One of flowing light
Its’ source now here to know

Life within reflection
Captures moments gaze
Dwell with its flame
Insight of Your ways

Way within the shining
Moving left and right
Almost going out
Then burst of shining bright

Wick of time grows shorter
Dwell in this insight
Candle of earths shining
One of eternal light

Different Seat

Sitting in a different seat
A new perspective seen
Through angles of your light
Insights here to gleam

Who know the wounds you’ve suffered
The battle that you fight
Who am I to judge?
A candle here to light

Let me speak the Word
Love to shine this day
Being of the moment
Joining in the Way

May joy be in my soul
With open ear to bring
Encouragement of blessing
Let the Spirit sing!

Across A Man

I came across a man
To me, exposed his life
Woven in his story
Tales of joy and strife

A touch upon my soul
As feelings flooded through
Happiness and sorrow
Compassion flowing true

A risk of opening
To share his heart with me
A bond was born anew
A friend here now to see

Question posed before me
How will I respond?
Will I open too?
My path to correspond?

A bigger question ask
One of eternity
How do I respond?
When friend my Jesus be