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Sing a Simple

Song a simple song of prayer
One of joy for God is here

In this moment here to be
For I love Him and He loves me

In stilling soul, distractions flow
Smile now and let them go

A practice now, of binding deep
Our quiet place in soul to keep

Throughout this day, return to prayer
Of flowing grace, Your love to share

Healer of My Soul

When I’m feeling broken
Lord, you make me whole
Oh I am so grateful
My healer of my soul

When my troubles find me
In pain or of fear
My rock and my foundation
Lord your always here

You heal in many ways
With unfailing love
Cast away all sin
With mercy from above

Blessing gifts of Spirit
Showering of light
Peace and hope and joy
Lifts our spirit bright

Open Gate

Come with me now
On a journey, great
To enter beyond
I’ve opened the gate

Out of the darkness
And into the light
My welcoming Spirit
Awaits in delight

Of different perspective
Of heavens view
One body being
Its love we pursue

Come in the joining
No longer alone
When troubles arise
The way will be shown

Come now be free
Leave baggage behind
My joy awaits you
With treasures divine

Open the Gate

Think not of heaven
As a faraway place
But of this moment
It is by God’s grace

Open the gate now
And enter into
The Presence of God
Where He’s loving you

Blessed the journey
That we walk along
Joy in the binding
Of which we belong

One of the light
To guide the way
An embrace of divine
Here let us pray

Of Moment

Savor of moment
The realness of here
Deep be the dwelling
Drawing fresh air

Beauty of moment
In facets of light
Colors of beauty
Surrounding delight

Presence of moment
The soul to concede
The love of our God
Is all that we need

Being of moment
Of beauty to share
The realness of Presence
Makes our life a prayer

1 Corinthians 13:12 (+)

For now, we see
In a mirror, dimly
But then we will see
Face to face

For now, we know
What partially shows
But then we will
Fully embrace

For even, as we
As human body
That we have been
Fully known

For now, the free
As us to be
To trust in
Your graces shown

For now, we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face. Now I know only in part; then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known.

Filling of Space

A space that is empty
Dwells in the air
Slowing the filling
Of Your grace to appear

A psalm of beauty
Sweet the birdsong
Joy for the heart
To carry along

Drawing of dep
Lungs of the filling
Gift of our life
Through Spirit fulfilling

And blessed is the soul
In gift that bestowed
To be of the Presence
Of our God here to know

Great Presence

How great is Your Presence
Of universe deep
Eternities glimpse
In the mind to seep

How great is Your Presence
On pasture that lies
The grace of Your light
Which shines from the sky

How great is Your Presence
Within Your Church here
Filled with the Spirit
Flowing in prayer

How great is Your Presence
In wisdom of Word
To ponder and savor
In the soul to be heard

How great is Your Presence
Mind can only begin
To fathom the depths
Of your love here within

Through His Eyes

When I first was born
With screaming and of cries
Grandpa said with joy
I see heaven in those eyes

Sitting on the shore
With prayer in the sunrise
His words nurtured my soul
I saw heaven in his eyes

When my trials came
Ahead was my demise
With unfailing love
He saw heaven in my eyes

When his time had come
A blessing of goodbyes
Through prayer we’ll always be
And see heaven through His eyes

Now, throughout my life
I look for the surprise
The many ways God shows
Heaven through our eyes

Jefferson’s’ All

Foundation of our country
Declaration to convey
What are the basic truths?
On which our future lay

He stared at a blank page
For words that he should say
A decision of importance
Thomas turned to pray

The Spirit did appear
To him the light was shown
Open now your eyes
Let this truth be known

A piercing of his heart
Of vision he did see
His sin laid before him
His slave and her baby

His heart was convicted
To his knees he did fall
With quill of the Spirit
He wrote the word, all

Of simple basic rights
Blessed in One love, be
That all mankind’s created
In equality