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It’s My Great Desire

The gift of your Presence
Of being right here
Of longing fulfilled
I am so aware

To focus the mind
Aligning the heart
To nourish the soul
Through grace You impart

Such bountiful blessings
Of banquet to feed
Your treasures unseen
Are my deepest need

Finding my center
Through sense of belonging
Your unspoken word
Is my deepest longing

Of living water
A sponge of soaking
Presence permeating
The Spirit invoking

Whatever it is
Of this gift you outpour
It’s my great desire
That I want more

Breathing and Praying

And all of us breathe
Each moment each day
Sometimes we draw deep
In an intentional way

An entrance to prayer
When we begin
We say to our God
We let you in

Breathing and praying
A new view to see
That with every breath
God is praying in me

So let us acknowledge
This with every breath
For if either one stops
The result will be death


I don’t want pity
I don’t want to fear
I don’t want to be judged
No awkwardness here

I need to be real
I need a safe place
I need to be loved
And covered by grace

Our joys and sorrows
Let us each share
To practice compassion
And true rejoicing here

Each to be open
With vulnerability
An intimate sharing
A true community

And we will struggle
In our humanity
We appeal to the Spirit
To flow through you and me

To walk in the journey
Our crosses to share
To know for each other
That we are here

An Acorn

Went for an autumn walk
And in my sight I caught
Picking up an acorn
A lesson it taught

Not very big
Or perfectly round
Lines not symmetric
Just a plain brown

But that didn’t matter
It’s appearance to see
But through its growth
Of what it could be

From this perspective
The same to be true
Through growth in the Spirit
For me and for you

Luke 5:17-More

We all know this story
Of the man on the mat
Through the roof lowered
To where Jesus sat

His sins were forgiven
His body blessed a cure
But in the unwritten
There was even more

To the paralytic
We hear Jesus say
Thank you for bringing
Your friends to me this day

Through fruit of your faith
Of vulnerability
My lesson of teaching
Is of humility

A Moment Of

A moment of sunrise
Of stunning beauty
A thousand words
Could not describe thee

A moment of silence
Of stillness to claim
A thousand songs
Could not sing the same

A moment of prayer
Completely adored
A thousand sweethearts
Could not love me more

A moment of Presence
With our God to be
With gift of one Word
Of eternity

Out My Window

A gaze out my window
What do you see?
So much found within
This scene of beauty

A peaceful blue
Above in the sky
An island of white
Clouds passing by

A pasture of blessings
On which the trees grow
Hope of the birth
That spring will bestow

A fence symbolic
Which separates me
From moving beyond
My safe property

Each with a message
With purpose of love
That all is a blessing
From our God above

Come Morning Light

The dawning sun rises
A glorious sight
We hear our soul whisper
Come, morning light

Warming the skin
With rays that outpour
Something within
Needs even more

A stirring desire
Of longing to find
One that’s engrained
In all of mankind

A welcoming Spirit
Through soul to be willed
Of light to receive
With love to be filled

Two Great Equalizers

Facts of being human
Truths we all do share
Things we have in common
Let’s ponder some right here

Each of us are born
All of us will die
Two great equalizers
To all of us apply

Every soul is loved
And offered grace the same
A choice to be reborn
Eternity to claim

Come share the good news
Our Lord waits patiently
Open the door wide
Embrace Him, joyfully

Inspired by My Pastoral Ponderings

Letting Soul

Soaking of the morning
Of senses here to fill
To be fully present
Letting the soul still

Psalm of song in silence
Caress of a soft breeze
Fragrance to awaken
Setting soul at ease

Blessed within the light
A drifting of above
Receiving sacred gifts
To shower soul in love

Heart of preparation
Aware and fully here
So grateful is our being
To offer soul in prayer