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Words of God

Desire of our soul
Curiosity of mind
If only we could know
Word of God to find

Read within the scriptures
An answer to be found
When asking of Your name
“I am” is so profound

In time of deepest need
Appealing with a prayer
Comforting with peace
“I know” is spoken clear

The Word, of who you are
Is found everywhere
We know we find You, when
“I love” is what we hear



Opening of door
Into the outside
First breath of morning
Draw Spirit deep inside

First ray of sunshine
To shine upon the face
Touch of warming love
Speaks everything is grace

First view of this day
Pause the soul to see
All the gifts of beauty
That God is blessing me

Journey is prepared
First step upon the way
Let it be with You
First thought, now let us pray

In This Moment

Oh, what a treasure
To dwell in Your light
In this moment shared
Everything’s right

For You bear my burdens
Security, know
In this moments safety
Letting all go

Enwrapped in the Spirit
Love so complete
In this moment drifting
Divinity sweet

Peace of instilling
Presence permeates
This moment transforming
New way, create

Call of Francis

A mission before us
St Francis begun
Encouragement blessed
To the chosen ones

We have been called
To wounds let us heal
For in their binding
Our Christ be revealed

Let us unite
What has fallen apart
Find in the binding
Taste of heaven impart

And to bring home
Those who have lost their way
A friend in the binding
Please help us this day

Chord of Grace

Something in your song
Strikes a chord of grace
Easy be the drifting
To another place

One of souls’ connection
A gift of Spirit share
That of heavens echo
Message flowing clear

Past our knowledge knowing
Through Word, and rhyme and tune
Blending of the three
Our being to commune

Let us dwell within it
Of the way to lift
Through fragrance of the Spirit
The blessing of your gift

Life’s Value

Today, he is important
He leads our company
Found on the internet
Earns so much money

He was a lifelong teacher
Serving forty years
His old school just torn down
Did all disappear?

A Mom was her career
Each moment loving true
Not on the internet
Did her life have value?

Let us not lose sight
Wisdoms view above
True value of our life’s
Found in His binding love

Who Wins the Race

A young man had a dream
To run for ribbon blue
In the Olympics, Special
He found his dream come true

When the race began
They ran in full gallop
When the leader fell
He stopped to help him up

They crossed the line together
And finished in last place
A question to be answered
Who really won the race?

He chose another prize
Of solidarity
Pursuing my success
Is the same true of me?