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Song and Rhyme

What is the song?
What is my rhyme?
That You’ve inscribed
In this soul of mine

One of true self
Crafted in prayer
Spirit descends
Making all clear

Found in the joy
Of eternal peace
Hope through the love
Of Your joy increase

Come let us go
In Your way unite
No holding back
Shining Your light


Gentle the Drawing

Something of morning
In view here to see
A message of soul
To come be with me

A whisper of calling
Perceived in the mist
Let us now be
In Spirit subsist

Through light of arising
In loves warming true
Prayer of indwelling
So easy to do

Gentle the drawing
To follow the way
Secure in the knowing
Of faith to convey

Taking Time to Wander

Looking at the list
So many things to do
Let us set it aside
And spend some time with You

Taking time to wander
A step outside this day
A practice of the moving
Let Spirit lead the way

Taking time to rest
A time of sacred view
Seeing with the soul
To glimpse the gifts of You

Taking time to dwell
To let the Spirit seep
Creating sacred space
Filling of the deep

Taking time to cherish
The gifts blessed unto us
Abundance of Your love
Let way be now of trust

A Blanket of Rust

Branches are bare
Bones are exposed
In seasons closing
Accounting disclosed

A blanket of rust
On the forest floor
Fruit of the branches
Here now, no more

Only to serve
As the decomposed
In one find its worth
That eternity knows

A message of wisdom
Of life blessed this day
May love drive the purpose
In choices of way

Tolerance, Acceptance, Appreciation

Ran across a person
So difficult they be
My choice to avoid them
For they irritate me

Is that what our God wants?
Will that help my faith grow?
Lord, bless me a way
For Your love to show

Start with tolerance
A step to understand
In my judgment view
Perhaps I can expand

Grow in my acceptance
Their wounds I do not see
Can I follow Jesus
Share in His mercy

Come to appreciate
The soul that Jesus loves
Binding as the three
In way of the above

I Need

Worn out and tired
Lost is the feeling
Turning to You
I need a good healing

Heart in turmoil
Life’s lost its meaning
Appealing to You
I need a good cleaning

Word is before me
Will be conceding
Dwelling within
I need a good reading

Grateful am I
For all Your caring
Let me go in Your love
I need a good sharing

In This

In this world of darkness
A light for us to seek
Hope within a Savior
For this human weak

In this world of evil
A home for us to find
Love unconditional
Perfect of divine

In this world of judgment
A place for true safety
Accepted as we are
Know what we can be

In this world of sin
A hope for us to see
Eternal of forgiveness
A share in great mercy

In this world so selfish
You give abundantly
In giving we receive
A treasure here for free