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Jesus is Longing

Jesus is longing
His love to out-pour
Doesn’t want you to be
Separate anymore

He offers His cup
His living body
Come eat and drink
Consume, all of me

To become part of you
And you part of me
To live within you
In intimacy

I’m dwelling within
Making my home in you
Let your home be in me
Into being anew

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

An Unfailing Love

You were born out of love
You will die into love
You are loved every day just the same

With an unfailing love
With a pure perfect love
His treasure for you here to claim

A one binding love
An Intimate love
A love that is given for free

With a blessing of love
With a sharing to love
In every soul the same love to see

Light, Air & Spirit

A gift of outpouring
Of dawning’s beauty
Streaming pure light
Come wash over me

Air fresh and clean
Of sweet purity
One of the drawing
Come dwell in me

Presence is here
Of Spirit to be
Love of the binding
Come pray in me

A blessing of knowing
Of wisdom to see
A being of greater
Come let go of me

A Beautiful Freeing

To dwell in the light
To draw the fresh air
In beautiful Presence
Of being right here

A moment of living
Your love here to know
A beautiful freeing
Of letting all go

A window of finding
With You here to be
All that’s important
Is Your love in me

Easy the lesson
Of truth spoken clear
That perfect love
Casts out all fear

Every Hair

Every hair on your head
Every hope you bestow
Every fear and concern
My child, I know

Find you no judgement
Find you no fear
Find me within
Your soul dwelling here

Know only love
Know only care
Know of my healing
I am always near

Be of my comfort
Be of my grace
Be of my love
In our dwelling place

Where I am

When I am prideful
World centered on me
I’ll toss You a prayer
You meet me humbly

When I don’t listen
Of sin I’m guilty
And I turn to you
You meet me graciously

When I am prayerful
Align soul to Thee
Gifts of outpouring
You meet me joyfully

Oh my God of goodness
No judgement or program
Just love of the outpouring
You meet me where I am

Precious to Me

Good morning my child
Let your first thought be
One of my love
You’re so precious to me

You are a treasure
I cherish you dear
Know every moment
I am loving you here

Oh, how I love you
With my being whole
You are my delight
Know this in your soul

I am so excited
With gifts I’ve prepared
You’re the joy of my heart
More love to be shared!

Morning of Birdsong

How blessed be the soul
Of gifting to belong
To find oneself within
A morning of birdsong

A symphony surrounding
Of welcoming into
A prayer of simple drawing
One consuming you

In stirring of the soul
A tune known of the heart
One of wordless wonder
Of pure praise to impart

With the voice of soul
An offer of the gifting
To sing in silent prayer
In joy of the uplifting

A Day of Loving

Calling all disciplines
With each day to begin
A practice of loving
A simple discipline

First thought of consciousness
To become aware
God is blessing you
With His love right here

Treasure of our being
Of His love so true
Into soul of keeping
Completely soaking through

Rock of our foundation
The lens within our view
Here, a day of loving
His gifts flowing through

Into day of living
Whenever here may be
Joy within the knowing
My God is loving me