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Only One

See a soul before me
A question is unfurled
Just what if they were
The only in the world?

I’d view in amazement
That they could truly be
Want to get to know them
With curiosity

Sit and watch them moving
Limbs coordinate
Mind be fascinating
Processor so great

Decisions all about them
The clothes they chose to wear
Their story that they carry
Path that brought them here

Interesting their passions
Heart molded by love
A needing to be needed
A binding seen thereof

Viewing even more
Deeper of insight
Inside is a soul
Spark of our God’s light

Creation of such beauty
A treasure here to see
Why our God adores them
Same be true of me


Finding Emptiness

Gorging on food
Another glass refill
No matter how fine
Still cannot fill

Travel the world
So much to see
Still cannot find
Where I want to be

Climbing the ladder
New job aspire
Eventually find
Cannot go higher

Finding emptiness
A new way turn unto
Filling of the void
You’re the answer true

Give us daily bread
Home found in your Son
Let your kingdom
And may your will be done

Turn Back The Tide

World’s messages
So much to combat
You should do this
You need do that

So overwhelming
And so little time
To spend it in prayer
With word of divine

Let us draw focus
Turn back the tide
Into the flow
With you to reside

Silence to cherish
With word that you send
Into above
A world without end

Word of Gratefulness

In this times reflection
One word let soul speak
That of gratefulness
Of humbleness to seek

Knowing of Your goodness
Kind beyond compare
Gentle grace bestowing
Abundantly You share

One of soul’s dependence
No greater treasure be
Nothing of deserving
Blessed such great mercy

Let it be our vision
The way within the heart
In every gift receiving
With this word let thought start

Color of Autumn

Morning of breathing
Air fresh and clean
Color of Autumn
Bursts on the scene

Gift for the grateful
Way illuminate
acceptance of light
Soul contemplate

Leaves of the fallen
Truth to proclaim
Turning to dust
Or fate be the same

Marvel in moment
Cherish the gift
Dwell in Your beauty
To gentle prayer drift

Deserve It

You say that I deserve it
That’s very kind of you
But as we think about it
I hope that it’s not true

For if it was that way
The opposite would be
For every sin I made
My punishment I’d see

I would do all things
Just for the sake of me
Let way be of divine
And glad that His way be

That everything is grace
Depend on His mercy
Free to choose His love
And share it joyfully

So say that God is good
Gratefulness confess
Celebrate His grace
In ways that we are blessed

What Does the Sunrise Say?

Horizon bursts in beauty
What does the sunrise say?
Gods light shares the message
Rejoice in this new day!

Gentle or in gusts
What does the wind convey?
Preparing roots of deep
Let faith be our mainstay

Surface always changing
What do the waves relay?
In God we are one body
Through emotions sway

Colors of the many
What fragrance from bouquet?
Grateful be our soul
Of blessings sent our way

Need of great desire
What is the entryway?
Our God of patience waits
Through our soul to pray