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A Practice of Thanksgiving

Through the gift of Spirit
Let us each believe
A practice of Thanksgiving
For us to receive

Please extend the gift
Of hospitality
Welcoming whatever
Our great God sends to me

When stress comes to visit
Embrace here with peace
Give it to our Lord
Free to be released

Offer of Thanksgiving
Of time and talents share
To each blessed soul
For gifts that they prepare

And for those complaining
Not what they deserve
A helping of forgiveness
Mercy may they be served

With each soul encountered
You love them through and through
Help me to love them too

Nurturing our being
With each fork we raise
May it come with words
Of offering God praise

A stack of dirty dishes
Be my chance to bless
A gift to those I love
With a moments rest

To feast on gratefulness
Consuming now right here
To reap the fruit of joy
In blessings everywhere

What is a Blessing?

What is a blessing?
But a share of
A taste of heaven
A gift of Gods’ love

Of nothing deserved
But one of pure grace
Let us receive it
With a grateful embrace

A treasure to cherish
Shared in many ways
If we are aware
We will be amazed!

Just a reminder
Of this message true
As a child of God
You’re a blessing too!

The Fullness

Of a new dawning
Shining so bright
Soaking within
The fullness of light

Of silence and song
A psalm flowing clear
Drawing within
The fullness of air

One of creation
Of joy and of strife
A moment within
The fullness of life

A gift of to be
To see, feel and hear it
A prayer of within
The fullness of Spirit

Hearts’ Desire

A moments happiness
When things went my way
And when it didn’t
It quickly passed away

And so, I was happy
When I bought something new
That quickly became old
Another thing, pursue

I couldn’t fill the void
Searching everywhere
And behold the answer
To let God find me here

Hearing of the good news
A calling of the higher
To find delight in our Lord
Who gives our hearts desire

Beauty In

A pile of rocks
And scraggly trees
On a mountain high
And we see majesty

The unknown below
Covered by sea
And we find a vision
Of tranquility

From an ugly seed
A gift from the earth
Colors of joy
Of a flowers birth

With a lens of truth
It’s clear to see
Oh Lord, through your love
You see beauty in me

Sacred Song

Of silent breath
The light appears
The sacred song
Of morning air

The Spirit flows
In this space here
The sacred song
Within a prayer

A practice now
To be aware
The sacred song
That all souls share

A calling now
Of voice so clear
The sacred song
That’s in you here

The love of God
Is singing clear
His sacred song
Is everywhere

Settle into You

Restless is my mind
In prayer of moments few
Oh Lord, let my soul
Settle into You

God forever seeking
Our heart to pursue
Child would you let me
Settle into You

Offer of accepting
Of Spirit flowing through
May the peace of God
Settle into you

Being of transforming
Vision of anew
May sharing of the Word
Settle into you

Beauty of the Senses

Today I saw the sun rise
A blessing from above
Casting on us all
A vision of God’s love

Today I heard the bird sing
Of lyric singing clear
The joy of the being
In this moment here

Today I heard the stream flow
A thought to contemplate
Water on a journey
Unto the ocean great

Today I saw a child
Swinging joyfully
Trusting in his Father
How God wants us to be

Today I took a deep breath
Of the fresh cool air
Drawing of the deeper
That led unto a prayer

Beauty of the senses
A message let us share
The gifting of His love
Of bringing heaven here