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Gather Round

All my dear beloved
Gather round me here
Souls of fond encounter
The blessed time to share

One of pure rejoicing
Through bond which we connect
Past time of earths unknowing
Of which our God perfects

Acknowledge first our weakness
Of sin which we all bore
Grateful for His mercy
Our Savior we adore

Dwell within the Word
Spoken to our ears
Rooted in our souls
Lived through our life here

Prayer now rise within
Sing a song of praise
Joy flow in our spirit
One voice here we raise

Share His inspirations
Breath of Spirit heard
Light of vision seen
Wounds that have been cured

Abide within the sacred
Together let us bond
Bread of His one body
Amen we now respond

A vision of to be
Of heavens love in one
All of us connected
Through God’s only Son

Masters Touch


Stroke of morning glory
Miracle of You
Easters colors painted
On horizons view

Vision of Your blessings
Mixed within the sky
Grace and mercy sent
Showered from up high

Hope within the shining
Of light that guides our way
Spirit fill me now
Arise in soul to pray

In colors of my day
Intermixed with light
Your stroke of master’s touch
Be my soul’s insight

Free Will Offering

In shadow of the cross
On an Lenten afternoon
In light of His real presence
Prayer of the inner room

World connects with heaven
My God before me now
Entrance to the kingdom
Mercy God endows

An intimate encounter
No agenda brought in here
A time to spend adoring
To Him my soul draw near

Love now radiating
Given here we see
Soaking of unknowing
A free will offering

Beyond the mind receiving
Treasures of the soul
Stores for freely giving
From a beggars bowl

Space Now

Bless me here a dwelling
A space now to be free
Absent of all fear
A place which just to be

Honesty speak deeply
Mask now dissipate
Knowing of belonging
From which love radiates

Joy within the knowing
Shared along the way
Sacred by the binding
So intimate we pray

Point of light connecting
Found in the depth of soul
Home forever turning
Where ever one may roam


Time alive in silence
Absent are the words
Into prayer of being
Heart to heart is heard

Comfort in the resting
Abiding in the bond
Practice of partaking
Gift of which hearts fond

Content in just to be
Within Your presence here
Joy divine returned
As perfect love shines clear

Acceptance in the dwelling
Cherished as your son
Relishing the blessing
Of man and God as one

Spring Reminder

Softly seen in dawning
Spring colors appear
Not of brilliant May
More gray that disappears

Morning birds are squawking
Today they all complain
No building of their nests
In seasons early rain

Earth is slowing turning
As time wrinkles my skin
Light is gently calling
Rebirth will soon begin

Soul soak in the drawing
As Easter soon will rise
Prepare the soil rich
For roots to exercise

Nature sends reminder
Act while you still can
Forty days of desert
Time stops for no man

Sacred Dwelling

Soul within the human
Blessed holy place
Treasure of abiding
Sacred dwelling space

One within the finding
Eternal open door
Key of silent turning
Be God whom we adore

Light within the basking
Suspended in pure grace
Acceptance of surrounding
Surrendered with embrace

Moved within transforming
Heavens love outpour
Desire of fulfilling
Needing nothing more

Shine within returning
Foot upon the way
Gift of divine sharing
You through soul this day

Hidden in the Ordinary

Grace of mornings blessing
Falls to each this day
Heart be of the grateful
In moment here to pray

Attentive to the wonders
Showered from above
Light shown in the vision
Outpouring of Your love

Air of Spirit breathing
Source of life infuse
Beauty stills hearts seeking
Window of souls view

Unseen be our treasure
Heavens opened gate
Eternal patience waiting
Unending mercy great

Hidden in this day
Blessings to unfold
Heard in Spirits whisper
The story will be told

Through the ordinary
God reveals His plan
In every holy moment
God draws close to man

Intention pray now be
The seeking of divine
Let door be opened wide
Embraced in love we find

Puddle of Soul



How can a little puddle
Shine with sparkling joy
Waves reflecting light
Song the soul enjoys

Melting of the frozen
Collects in sunken earth
Breeze invokes a movement
Water given birth

Message sent to me
God is with me here
Alive within my soul
Connection oh so clear

Receiving now Your light
Spirit in the breeze
Joy within this soul
This frozen heart unfreeze


In the depth of winter
Into the frozen ground
Placed into the womb of earth
We lay his body down

A shell no longer needed
It served its purpose well
Time has caught the aged bones
Soul released from cell

What remains from his life?
What story to be told
Everlasting is the love
Which other souls behold

Success not only measured
A count beside his grave
More of the encounters
On path that God had laid

Decision in the moment
Of kindness to be shared
An angel sent of human
To let soul know God cares

So let me cherish love
To serve God in His way
Let vision be to serve
To share His grace this day