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This Invite

This flower, this light
This blessed insight

Invites us to see
Our calling to be

This silence, this air
This sacred prayer

Invites us to hear
The Spirit speaks clear

This stirring, this claim
This indwelling flame

Invites us to feel
What this moment reveals

This binding, this grace
This sacred embrace

Invites us to know
That our Lord loves us so


And to this altar
Here we do bring
This bread and wine
As our offering

Make holy, these gifts
Through Spirit, perform
His body and blood
To Jesus, transform

And with our prayer
We offer too
Our soul and will
Here unto You

Here You are raised
Before us to lift
With a simple Amen
Consumed is our gift

Here we become
One spiritually
Your incarnate indwelling
Of true intimacy

Great Treasure

We have all received it
A gift that moves our soul
To turn away from power
Giving up control

A simple definition
Of practice to profess
To not think less of you
But think of yourself less

Modeled by our Savior
Of greatest human loss
Humbled to the point of death
Death upon a cross

Not of our human nature
This sinner full of pride
Only by the grace of God
The Spirit as our guide

Come now be a giver
Of this great treasure, be
Sharing the great power
Of humility

True Humility Is Not Thinking Less of Yourself, It’s Thinking of Yourself Less. -C.S. Lewis

What God Calls Me to Be

We awake this day to see
The sun to shine so radiantly
His light to share so joyfully
To see what God calls me to be

To listen here so prayerfully
The Word He shares eternally
He loves us unconditionally
To feel what God calls me to be

This day the opportunity
To bind within community
One body here of unity
To share what God calls me to be

Come follow now spiritually
The way Jesus lived humbly
His grace to bless generously
Become what God calls me to be

Come serve now sacrificially
To build His kingdom heavenly
We all are chosen uniquely
To be what God calls me to be

The Voice

Forever is the voice
Of the Holy Spirit
Creating here the space
In silence now to hear it

Emptying the mind
Surrendering control
To bask within the light
Soaking in the soul

Receive the only Word
His precious love to know
From this gift of truth
All the others flow

Here to recognize
The gentle call within
With heavens treasure shared
The joy of life begins

A Heavenly Mother’s Day

Now in life’s reflection
Your perspective to see
Your thoughts of motherhood
One so heavenly

A life that’s so hard
Exhausting physically
What’s more difficult
Those emotionally

Tasks and situations
That I’d have to admit
Though I’d never say no
Don’t know how I’ll do it

As the way of the Cross
Christs life to fashion
For its who we are
That love is our passion

But those moments collected
Of joy shining bright
Stored in the soul
Were moments of light

The pain and suffering
Died with my body
But our moments of love
We live eternally

All Ways Of

Feeding, changing, clothing
Embrace of resting
Consoling and healing
All ways of blessings

Teaching and exploring
Insights providing
Listening, reflecting
All ways of guiding

Nurturing and praying
Giving and sharing
Comforting, protecting
All ways of caring

Laughing, joking, teasing
Wonder, joy of voicing
Life, appreciating
All ways of rejoicing

Cherishing and binding
Treasuring, adoring
Rejoicing, celebrating
All ways love outpouring

Searching, seeking, looking
I have found no other
As Gods grace here on earth
All ways as a Mother

Come, When Offered

Come here to admire
Beauty to behold
When the trees offer us
Their leaves of gold

Come here to pause
Peace to instill
When the water offers us
A time to be still

Come here to reflect
A perspective anew
When the mountains offer us
A spectacular view

Come here to be found
By the still voice within
When the Spirit offers us
Our prayer to begin

What is Hidden by Light

As always beautiful pictures with thoughts that inspire …

A Silhouette Reveals

What is hidden by light
A silhouette reveals
A backlight of reflection
Shows what’s been concealed

A silhouette paints
One’s imagination
In many colors blessed
A silent proclamation

It brings into focus
To clearly define
A vision of beauty
By a simple outline

The horizon will paint us
One day, of our life, whole
What we leave behind is
A silhouette of our soul


When overwhelmed
We organize
To make a list,

Some great advice
Grandma did give
Now don’t forget
This day to live

A question here
To think it through
What does living
Mean to you?

Perhaps it is
Just “wasting time”
Any moment shared
With our Lord, divine