Random Prayer

Looking out my window
I saw a trucker pass
Turned his rig around
And stepped upon the gas

I said a prayer for him
To be with him this day
Hope of God to send
To bless him in his way

Act of random prayer
To bind our souls as one
Though we never met
Connection through Gods son

Smile warms the soul
As one day I may see
That my brother dear
First he prayed for me


The Beauty of Shyness

Something that is stilled
A beauty in the deep
Encountering a shyness
That a person keeps

Within our culture now
It’s not a virtue held
But of the contrary
Directness is upheld

Attitude unflinching
All is on display
Trees without their shadows
Boring is the way

The shy have long shadows
Beauty behind eyes
The mystery of life
Reminder of disguise

Reverent invitation
Respectful friend there of
Wordless in our being
Together in one love

Based upon text taken from Bread for the Journey, by Henri J. M. Nouwen

Happening of Drawing

I come to time of prayer
Of duty and routine
Offering the feeble
One of in-between

Stilling of the soul
Reaching towards the light
Speaking of some words
Hoping for insight

So little that I offer
Scraps of which Your fond
A happening of drawing
Drifts into beyond

We dwell in bonding deep
A raising to above
No judgment in the air
Embraced with only love

A touch of holiness
My God which I adore
I’m left with a desire
To only want You more

Daily Light

Hope of new beginning
Of horizons dawn
Resetting of the way
To Your love we’re drawn

Waking in this morning
To gift of daily light
Humble is Your posture
By laying down Your might

Grace of blessing sent
Is placed now at our feet
Example that is served
Of how Your servants greet

If God of all creation
Lays all before me now
I pray that I be little
With a humble bow

Let me lay down all
And follow in Your way
To serve with humble love
In all I meet this day


Alone in time of silence
Solitude of peace
To dwell in arms of Savior
World now to release

A merchant fills his stock
With gifts of the divine
Unseen of the precious
Cherished blessings fine

Soaked in with gratitude
The chosen undeserved
Through ear of humble heart
His sweet voice is heard

Set out upon the way
Cart of fragrance sweet
Dispenser of received
To souls designed to meet

Path Towards

They travel on the way
In suffering and pain
Emotion of the nervous
But still they don’t complain

Seeking of a healing
Through a doctors hand
Curing of an illness
Through the work of man

Much more to this story
Of one within the soul
For trust they place in God
In giving him control

Whatever be the outcome
God will still shine through
We pray now for Your grace
The healing hand of You

Peace now cover them
As souls join in to pray
The will of God be done
Blessed within Your way