A Cleaning

Sitting in this time of you
A journey of step small
Desire draws me closer
A whisper of Your call

A mirror true of shining
Stares me in the face
Choices hidden showing
The unneeded I embrace

Cleaning out the closet
Of junk within my soul
An opening of freedom
A surrender of control

I find inside some stumbling blocks
The things of which I fear
Will I give them to my Lord?
Or don’t I trust Him here

Avoidance drives these prayers of fear
That things will go my way
Could I change these thoughts of mine?
To see what God would say?

What if I failed in tasks today?
Lost my job or health?
Would I wallow in despair?
Or would You be my wealth

Let words repeat when worries rise
That fear is not my King
With my soul entrust to You
My Savior do I cling

Our mighty God, with loving grace
Heaven has He made
His precious Son walks with us
Speaking, “Do not be afraid”


Strong Enough

Greater than a hurricane
With strength in winds of wrath
Greater than tornado
Flattening all within its path

Greater than earth’s gravity
Clinging us to earth
Greater than the sun and moon
The universe He birthed

The power of the love of God
Presented as a gift
Through gentle breathe of Spirit
Our soul from world can lift

In the struggle of my will
I feel my strength will do
Perhaps the power of His love?
Is strong enough to see me through

Words Above Paper

I reach into another time
A time I share with you
In Spirit of connecting
The sharing of the true

These words written on paper
Transcend a distance long
Intimate in sharing
To which we both belong

A bond is shared between us
In love of grace divine
We seek our God within us
Our hope to will align

We travel forth towards one light
A journey drenched in graces
A blessing shared along the way
Are souls in which God places

So let us pray as gathered two
In spirit beyond time
Our souls unite in praise above
Towards the light we climb


The page is blank before me
I give my thoughts to You
My trust so often flailing
My focus drifts askew

Worries overcome me
I sink into the sea
I set my eyes upon You
Only You can rescue me

I know You see my challenge
You know what’s in my heart
I pray for faith that’s strengthened
A grace that You impart

Now let me rest in comfort
Knowing You are in control
Of our covenant so treasured
As the keeper of my soul

Wings of Soul

Streaming light of glory bright
Shining through my window clear
Open heart, surrender now
Love of Christ so near

Wings of soul, open wide
Translucent in Your light
Breath of Spirit lifts the now
Raised above in God’s delight

Vulnerability flee away
Protected in Your bond
Transparency bless me now
Vision of beyond

Journey now of this day
Let me fly above
Viewing as a visitor
Traveling in Your love

Talitha Koum

I am lying down
Unable to getup
Anxiousness is binding
With life I am fed-up

Close my eyes, head swirling
Overcome with fear
I hear a soft voice calling
I feel a presence here

I say to you arise
A gentle power speaks
Love with the words
To my heart it seeks

A warming, overcomes
As He takes my hand
Love is overflowing
Faith I understand

Eyes open into light
And fall within His gaze
Arising new today
In Him I am amazed

Voyage of a Gentle Touch

Sit with me and gaze upon
Beauty falling from up high
Dwell within the grand design
Questions ponder, asking why?

Flakes which fill the view entire
Falling from a distance great
Voyage of a gentle touch
The pure descends to clean the slate

All is covered by this grace
The scene is changed in moment still
Silent beauty covers all
Time is paused in winters chill

Who is this God with power great?
Who reaches out to change our view?
Who sent His Son with tenderness
To cover us and make us new

Born above, gift unique
Falls upon this furrowed brow
The frozen melts with touch beyond
Waits upon acceptance now

So sit and dwell upon the scene
So much love to contemplate
Accepting blessings from above
Gratefulness in mercy great