Gods Desire

There are no conditions
Of my love of you
It is my desire
You know my love is true

Joy is in the knowing
Nothing takes away
My eternal love
With you always stay

Rest within this moment
Grace here from above
Let me cherish you
Dwell within my love

I ask you to accept
Open your soul wide
Light dispels all darkness
Warming heart inside

Abundant is my love
Longing through and through
Let me dwell within
I love to love in you


Who Am I?

I am not the being
The world says who I am
But soul born of the love
Poured out by blood of Lamb

Reflections of this world
Of vanity and might
Distract from who I am
A reflection of Your light

Where humble views the way
The true self finds its home
Decisions mold the soul
Heavens gifts are known

Engrain within my soul
Truth of value found
My purpose seen in You
From where all love abounds

The place where true love binds
Accepting all in love
Foundation made of stone
Drawing all above

Souls’ Stirring

Where do you discover
The stirring of your soul
Gift of treasure precious
Movement, be our goal

Word beyond the human
Truth of deep within
Something of the known
Truly genuine

Perhaps of poem sweet
Of thought beyond our words
A song upon the heart
With souls ear moment heard

Connection of the heart
In lovers deepest eyes
Feelings hidden shared
Unwrapped in bright surprise

Warming fires peace
In elders sparkling eyes
Dwelling in Your presence
Insights for the wise

In life beyond our grasp
In newborns smile bright
In blossoms colors new
Unwrapped in dawning light

All gifts of heavens grace
Sent in connection
Encouragement of faith
Guiding direction

Heaven To Earth

The bringing of your kingdom
Let my purpose be
Indwelling of above
To heaven connecting

Our Jesus opened door
Bringing hope for all
With Your Spirit sent
A mission with the call

To bring heaven to earth
Allowing light to shine
A glimpse of vision seen
A drawing in this time

In turning of the cheek
A dying of the self
Receiving in the giving
To sacrifice myself

A purpose born of love
So great a mission be
Let me please be worthy
Of this task you have for me

On earth as in heaven
Let us all be one
We pray that through Your grace
May thy will be done

Seed Prayer

Seed of peace, may I be
In this world of strife
Plant within this prayer
Jesus in my life

Seed of joy, may I be
Let hope abound through you
Home is found in You above
Heavens promise true

Seed of love, may I be
Planted deep within
Humble in surrender
Forgive as I have been

Growth in You be this day
Practice what we preach
Only by grace my Lord
Your way within my reach

Intention of this heart
Easy now to pray
My God prepares the answer
Remember them this day

Binding in Light

We know that you’ll be leaving
On earth your days no more
We see in soul the light ahead
Eternal loves in store

We speak no word of thought of this
As hands are clenching tight
Our hearts are binding tighter
We love with all our might

A knowledge passed between us
Spoke in word of soul
That we will live in faith
And give to God control

Next I’ll see a shell
In kiss of forehead cold
Tears of streaming love
Our souls bound in His hold

Here you dwell forever
You speak within my prayer
You love me in His light
Our souls still binding there

A Little Flame

A little flame of solitude
A turn to Your embrace
Warming breath of Spirit
Makes holy now this space

Love enwraps the binding
Heart fixed within Your gaze
Flickering in joy
A longing soul ablaze

Entranced within the moment
Light dancing on Your face
Surrender in the falling
Suspended in Your grace

A whisper, I have called you
A clinging embrace draws
In everlasting love
Soul sings that I am yours

Blessed be the little
A turning flame so small
Abundance grows the light
Of our great God of all!