Pause Into Silence

At times during worship
For a moment or two
We pause into silence
Covered by You

A special blessing
As Spirit descends
Time of indwelling
The spoken transcends

Great is the movement
We bind in the heart
One is the body
Of praise we impart

Unique is the whisper
To each soul of need
Nourished within
As One we proceed


Not to Fear

Come now, not to worry
Here now, not to fear
Rest now, my beloved
Know that, I am here

Try now, give it to me
Right now, one to share
Time now, my beloved
See an, answered prayer

Learn now, of repeating
Soul now, to repair
Bind now, my beloved
For you, I deeply care

Trust now, freedom living
Hope now, no despair
Joy now, my beloved
Know I, love you dear

Not Feeling Holy

Today I don’t feel holy
Not sure what to do
Let me take that back
And come to prayer with You

With much apprehension
For sins I must confess
With yesterday’s behavior
I was not at my best

Was self-justifying
Without a humble heart
Bitterness was flowing
Bad attitude impart

Lord, I’ve no excuse
Would You forgive my way?
Bless me a clean heart
Flow through me today

Go and make amends
Repent and path align
For holiness is found
In the grace you’ll find

A Moving of Dawning

Come now morning light
New day to proclaim
Resting in its flow
Stoking inner flame

Horizon on water
Stillness entice
A mirrors reflection
Of watching it twice

A palette of beauty
A changing of view
Stirring of colors
Refraction of You

Peace of instilling
In joy of the light
Warming of soul
Love to ignite

A gift of receiving
Of the rising, be
A moving of dawning
Ends up moving me


Nametags and badges
Employees they claim
Let’s take a moment
And notice their name

Think of their birth
A name from their start
Parent proclaims
With great joy in their heart

A blessed child
A soul given birth
One of such beauty
Beyond all worth

A hope for the future
A prayer offered true
Whoever they meet
They’ll see this treasure too

Hold fast this desire
Don’t let it pass by
Cherish this soul
Through our God’s eye

At this moments time
Encounter right here
A chance to answer
Our God of loves prayer

Found This to Be

They say, He will love you
Though not deserving
I’ve found this to be

They say, follow His way
To live scripturally
When lost He’ll guide
I’ve found this to be

They say, you can trust Him
To watch over me
In life’s reflection
I’ve found this to be

They say always pray
Joy in His Presence
I’ve found this to be

So join me my brother
As “they” become we
Joy in the sharing
I’ve found this to be

You Added Sound

A wonderful blessing
The sweet gift of morning
You graced even more
With bird song adorning

Losing oneself
In the vast open sea
With calming waves sound
The soul at rest be

With flash of a smile
Two souls to lift
Followed with laughter
A heartwarming gift

In covering of darkness
The stars glisten bright
Peacefulness sounds
In silence of night

In our communing
In sweet time of prayer
Love is the message
Word spoken so clear