Blessing Field

Let silence speak
This morning prayer
And our soul be
Of witness here

This new day births
As light reveals
The blessing of
This morning’s field

So, tender be
It’s touch of love
A gift of grace
From heav’n above

Caress of warmth
To soil deep
Of nourishment
Of growth to seep

A whisper soft
Thought to construe
That in the love
That we’re blessed too

Word of the Joyous

The gift of the morning
Is wrapped in the dawning
Displaying the glorious
Colors of You

Your blessing outpouring
To each, You’re adoring
Shining the marvelous
Light that is You

Hope in the knowing
The Spirit is flowing
Igniting the fabulous
Splendor of You

Joy in the sharing
Your message preparing
Your Word of the joyous
Love that is You

A Being of Grace

A peaceful presence
That we all chase
A being of
A state of grace

So simply to be
Of gift to embrace
Offered for free
Acceptance of grace

Where sins are forgiven
Without a trace
Blessing of mercy
A shower of grace

Soul of the sacred
In a holy place
In presence of You
A being of grace

Presence to Presence

I lift up my prayer
Of an offering
All that I have
Which is nothing

A gift of Presence
Of surrender unto
In need of all
Dependent on You

Your gift Your Presence
As an offering
Divinity’s blessing
Which is everything

A binding of soaking
Of love completely
Presence to Presence
We come to be

Be as Me

If we are attentive
Listen when pray
Word of the transforming
We’ll hear our Jesus say

These are words of truth
Let your soul now hear
You are precious to Me
And I love you dear

Sure, you are not perfect
That matters not to Me
If the soul is willing
Together we can be

Let us join in Spirit
To let my love flow through
Receiving of my treasure
Of giftings shared through You

Go now my beloved
With every person, see
Joining of one purpose
To let you be as Me

Response of Heart

Soothe my soul
Oh sunrise calling
Gift of light
Within this dawning

Colors spill
To water flowing
Soul to stir
With Spirit flowing

Call to prayer
Response of heart
Gifts this day
That You impart

Beauty found
In binding be
In love with thee

And Still There Is

A Church on the corner
Of a busy street
And still there is silence
In Jesus we meet

Time before sunrise
Dark is temptation
And still there is light
Of sweet adoration

Such a busy world
Filled with stress, fear
And still there is peace
Of an eternal prayer

A world full of evil
We find here a grace
And still there is hope
As love fills this place