Filled with desires
The same, all are we
One of the soul
Heart, mind and body

To nourish the belly
Of hunger inside
With food and water
The earth does provide

Relationship needing
Spouse of the finding
Desire of heart
Of intimate binding

Still a great longing
Our soul does pursue
One of beyond
All creation points to

Found in our prayer
Our Savior we meet
Blessed by His grace
Our desire complete

Let Me Let

Let me let this moment be
A prayer within of such beauty

Let me let the Spirit be
A resting place of three in me

Let me let, surrender be
Through Your grace, the soul be free

Let me let Your love be
A conduit of unity

Let me let Your will be
My life to live sacrificially

Carry Your Spirit

Bless me Your Spirit
To enter into
With gifts overflowing
By the grace of You

Bless me a dwelling
Of binding into
To carry the Spirit
All the day through

A purpose of gifting
Of light to release
Bursting with joy
A fragrance of peace

Humble of Spirit
To listen and serve
Compassion abundant
As the underserved

A generous heart
If love to outpour
Souls of one voice
It’s You, we adore

4 Words for Advent

Four words for Advent
To help us prepare
Dwelling within
To bring them to prayer

First is of planning
A purposeful season
To make this time special
As Christ is the reason

Of anticipation
Hope to enjoy
Setting the mood
A soul of great joy

Of the incarnation
The Word became flesh
Of innocence humble
A babe in a creche

Of sweet contemplation
Let’s dwell in the Word
Through Matthew and Luke
Our story be heard

What Does the Soul Need?

What does the soul need
To begin each day
Beauty, silence, stillness
Ingredients to pray

Light of inspiration
Air that’s fresh and clean
Moving of the colors
Spirit which to glean

A setting full of wonder
A palette full of peace
Embrace of love extends
For souls will to release

A drawing of pause
To contemplate
Treasures of heaven
Here now awaits

God of gracious patience
Always pursuing you
If today You pass Him
He seek tomorrow too

Do the Same

It’s a fact
We know it’s true
God loves me
And God loves you

He does pursue
Our souls dear
With love so true

For He loves all
No judgment seen
Sinner or saint
Nice or mean

My prayer today
Of heart proclaim
Oh Lord, help me
Please do the same

Dawnings’ Gray

Slow the dawning
From the night
Horizons glow
Of black and white

Soul is seeking
Colors, employ
The empty scene
Devoid of joy

Still a prayer
Spirit appeal
To reveal

Let roots of faith
Grow deep this day
In deserts rain
Through shades of gray