Morning Air

Go into the morning
To become aware
Something is different
In the morning air

Fragrance of newness
So fresh and so clear
Gift of the drawing
This sweet morning air

Awake now oh soul
Find nourishment here
Spirit is flowing
Of sacred morning air

One of the dwelling
That’s of everywhere
Moves into the being
Of the morning air

An invitation
Of wisdom to share
To let light shine through
Our morning air

A breath of heaven
A binding in prayer
I’m so grateful to breathe
The morning air

A Beautiful Day

When it is sunny
A greeting we say
Isn’t it such
A beautiful day

I have an idea
To offer to you
Let’s shift the message
Beyond weathers view

To turn our focus
For each days a gift
Blessed to us by God
Our praise to lift

For when I see you
I’m so glad you’re here
Shining the Spirit
With Gods love to share

So, when it’s raining
Sky cloudy and gray
We’ll smile together
It’s a beautiful day

Let’s bless a new greeting
To share in the way
No matter the weather
It’s a beautiful day

This Mornings Prayer

Draw in the fresh air
Turn gaze up high
Losing oneself
In the blue sky

Exhale completely
Fill senses deep
Allowing the present
Moment to seep

Sounds of surrounding
Of comforts embrace
Blessings of peace
Born by Your grace

Soul of the filling
Our being of here
Light of consuming
Of this morning’s prayer

Day of Rest

Where did it go
Our Sunday best
One of our family
Our day of rest

Is it a wonder
Our world’s in distress
Families are broken
Everyone’s stressed

The doctors now claim
This discovery
That our brains need rest
To remain healthy

Time has a value
Perhaps too much to measure
But wasting some time
Can be a great treasure

Turn off the power
Don’t go to the store
Discover the pleasure
Of relaxing once more

Let’s gather at table
And offer a prayer
A time of thanksgiving
Our love to share

For every soul wants
A world of peace be
So let’s plant a seed
Through rest, you and me

Miracle of Wonder

Challenge of the poet
To capture what is heard
Unspoken of the soul
And put it into word

Passion of the painter
With colors to portray
A vision unseen
Of beauty relay

Desire of the singer
To carry a tune
An intimate feeling
Of soul to commune

A miracle of wonder
Gift Of our Gods view
When the artist blends
The Spirit in too

The joy of the faithful
To receive within a prayer
The treasure of God’s love
And bless it everywhere

Simple Lessons

In this crazy world
Let us return this day
When we were a child
Things we learned to say

When we cross the street
Or decision to appraise
Always to remember
Us, to look both ways

These simple courtesies
Always keep in mind
Saying please and thank you
To be humble and kind

Think of the other first
Let Jesus voice speak through
Loving one another
Just as I’ve loved you

Come To

My child, come to know
This truth to profess
That without our faith
Our life is meaningless

My sister, come to view
With souls’ eye to see
Wherever I may go
God shines His beauty

My brother, come to dwell
With God’s encounter here
For every living moment
Can be a blessed prayer

My friend, come to seek
The joy that being brings
Grateful for the treasure
Found in simple things

Beloved, come to share
A secret of divine
A facet of God’s love
Through every soul it shines

Settle in Silence

Settle in silence
Relinquish control
Muscles relaxing
Surrender the soul

Being of dwelling
Drawing of deep
Drift in the flow
Of Spirit to seep

Languished in love
Comforts embrace
Gifts of the Spirit
Infused with grace

Benefits blessed
Beyond what we know
In mind and body
Of soul to bestow

Praying with Masks

In times like none before
Our Pastor of us asks
When we go to church
That we pray with a mask

Its uncomfortable
On face this little wall
Difficult to breathe
Not natural at all

This mask doesn’t matter
It’s just material
But what about our mask
One that’s spiritual

Let us be transparent
Of complete honesty
Breathing deep of Spirit
Prayer of humility

The Way of the Way

The way the wind speaks
A treasure of seeing
As all of creation
Responds with their being

The way the trees dance
Flowing waves drift
The field sways as one
Gives soaring birds lift

The way the heart longs
Of movement inspire
A prayer of instilling
Fulfills this desire

The way the soul feels
Caress of the skin
The Spirit of calling
Of drawing within

The way of the way
Through Spirit of prayer
Joy in the dancing
Of One love to share