Overflow of St. Teresa of Calcutta

Our works of charity
Are but the overflow
Of our love of God
Let this truth here know

Therefore be the one
To God most united
Is he who loves the most
This love we’re all invited

To understand and practice
We all need to pray
For prayer unites to God
And overflows this day


Sinners and Saints

Blessed a life of living
Of our sin and soul collate
We walk amongst the sinners
And a journey to the saints

Graced with Spirit giving
And with challenges so great
I’ll struggle as a sinner
And encouraged by the saints

I’ll fall with misdirection
Our Lord’s mercy cleans the slate
I’ll confess with all the sinners
And I’ll pray with all the saints

Pride of my importance
With believers congregate
I’ll repent with all the sinners
And rejoice with all the saints

I’ll depend upon his Mercy
For eternity await
I’ll die with all the sinners
Live amongst the saints

Top or Bottom

Question of importance
With honesty realize
The top or the bottom
What do we idealize?

The famous and important
The rich celebrities
Why do we seek the big?
That’s what we want to be

Which means, we’d miss Jesus
He wouldn’t catch our eye
For not of the world’s stature
He was a little guy

Jesus loved the poor
The rich did not aspire
He sought the low, outcast
And those not admired

Let’s change our attitude
Away from specialness
Unto the ordinary
We’ll find our happiness

(based upon a sermon by Richard Rohr)

Sacred Moment

In this sacred moment
Of prayer to exercise
A wonder of beauty
A treasure to realize

The universes’ creator
Of billion souls to see
He gives His full attention
This moment here to me

Pouring out His blessing
His beloved, adored
Compassion in His eyes
He couldn’t love us more

Beyond our comprehension
Hard to just believe
All He asks right now
To be and to receive

Light and Air

Through the blinds of window
Through the leaves of green
Flows the gift of morning
Virgin light pristine

Rising of the window pane
Stilling air serene
Breathing of the new born light
Refreshing, pure and clean

Whisper of this morning light
Arising of soul here
Turn of pause, attention
Drawing into prayer

For the One is calling
With love beyond compare
Light and air reminding
That You’re always near

Verses of Life

In life’s deepest valleys
Or in our darkest night
Let us proclaim
Walk by faith, not by sight

When lost within the way
Not sure how to cope
For I know the plans for you
Your future and your hope

When doubt overwhelms
Worlds temptation shows
Draw to inner prayer
Lord to whom, shall we go?

When in life of living
Quotes can be cliché
The answers wrapped in love
When we pause to pray

Souvenir From St. Marks

A chance encounter
Of two souls to see
Exchange of few words
Still affected me

Returned from a trip
Back from Italy
Quite an adventure
Of so much to see

But the highlight
Of your joy to invoke
Was what moved you the most
Of the Presence, you spoke

My soul was blessed
By the Presence right here
A moment transforming
With me that you shared