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Where The Noise Disappears

Beautiful post by Sandra “Where the Noise Disappears”

Where the Noise Disappears

When the world is screaming
Stirring up fears
I long for a place
Where the noise disappears

A walk into this place
Surrounding me here
In the morning light
Where the noise disappears

It’s so refreshing
The Word spoken clear
This glorious sound
Where the noise disappears

Reclaiming our vision
Alive, fully here
We nurture our space
Where the noise disappears

In the inner room
Of intimate prayers
Let my soul dwell
Where the noise disappears

Deaf, Dumb and Blind

My pride and my talking
Of my importance, share
It may not cause deafness
But I surely couldn’t hear

Choosing of my values
Of a world of lies
It did not make me dumb
But certainly not wise

The cost of busyness
Sure, affected me
It may not cause blindness
But clearly did not see

A turn now of direction
To give the Lord control
The view of Spirit sought
With senses of the soul

In silence now to listen
Word of divinity
Fulfill the souls desire
Please let this blind man see

They Don’t Belong

A prayer this day
May our soul long
For those who feel
They don’t belong

In this cruel world
So full of sin
Where judgements cast
You must fit in

But let us show
Another way
One that Jesus
Did portray

That all are loved
Of great value
All a part
Of heavens view

For of God’s house
There perfect be
But Lord you came
To include me

Lord, let us live
One of Your way
That all belong
And loved this day

Two Things I Know

In our blessed life
It’s so clear to see
The wonders of God
Is a great mystery

If I am honest
Just two things I know
From God that I came
And to God that I’ll go

So, in each moment
With God let us stay
Returning to prayer
So, we don’t lose our way

My brothers and sisters
One body we be
Come share in the journey
With God you and me

Were a Prayer

Day is born in glory
A gift of offer here
Let me receive this light
As if it were a prayer

Birds are singing softly
Sweetness fills the air
Let me receive this song
As if it were a prayer

Souls of love of sending
Encounters everywhere
Let me live this day
As if it were a prayer

Night is quickly falling
Stars of light appear
Let me receive this peace
As if it were a prayer

Settle Now

Settle now in stilling
Focus be of here
Emptiness outpouring
In silence, be aware

Settle now in Presence
Focus of the light
Covering so precious
Grace of Your insight

Settle now in dwelling
Focus of the deep
Savor the sweet fragrance
Letting Spirit seep

Rooted now in love
Enwrapped in sacred prayer
Holiness of being
One of soul to share

A Lost Cow

Roaming the pasture
In the early dawning
Was a young cow
Lost in the morning

As he was taught
He knew what to do
As loud as he could
He started to mooo

For a response
Great his heart longed
A direction of message
From the place he belonged

He listened intently
To the one who would say
Here’s where I am
And he headed that way

A message so simple
The same let us pray
To the Spirit who’s calling
To us this day

That Brought Us to Here

A pause of reflection
Of this day we share
Of all of the moments
That brought us to here

For each of the souls
Who love us so dear
Their acts of pure love
That brought us to here

For those gone before us
Of their presence aware
Of their sacrifice
That brought us to here

So many blessings
Upon us God bares
Each step of binding
That brought us to here

So many graces
Of answer to prayer
Of which we’re so thankful
That brought us to here

Our hearts are so grateful
Eyes fill with tears
For our God so gracious
That brought us to here

On this blessed day
In love, You appear
Oh Lord, it is You
That brought us to here

For when we see heaven
May this thought be clear
The step of our journey
Brought us to here

Blessed be the Soul

Blessed be the soul
One of eyes to see
Of a grateful heart
For all God gifts to thee

Blessed be the soul
Of their will, concede
Of a humble heart
That grace is all they need

Blessed be the soul
Reward of seeking shown
Of a joyful heart
Of their true purpose known

Blessed be the soul
Of mercy that abounds
Of a loving heart
One lost and now is found

Blessed be the soul
One of movement here
Of a blessed heart
Starting with a prayer

Blessed be the soul
Who opens wide the door
For our blessed Lord
Who blesses even more