Fragrance of Foreshadow

Turning unto You
With a heart sincere
Offered my intentions
Placed within Your care

Leaving of Your Presence
I became aware
Fragrance of a flower
Surrounding in the air

Spirit overwhelming
Captured beauty here
Garden of the senses
Grace of heaven shared

Returning to this morning
With joy beyond compare
Fragrance did foreshadow
All my answered prayers


Into Stars of the Night

Awake into darkness
Before morning light
A gaze of above
Into stars of the night

A drifting within
Of so far away
World becomes small
Perspective to pray

How little this life
My importance to be
So miniscule
View greater to see

An offer awaiting
Through Creator blessed
A purpose united
Of kingdom professed

Soul of eternal
To shine here this day
In turning the darkness
To light of the way

In Advent

In advent of the dawning light
Still waters flow in colors bright

Let us build a little nest
A prayerful place for soul to rest

Stay awake soul to prepare
Tween heavens way and devil’s snare

May Spirit guide in season blessed
Commitment to the way professed

Set it Aside

I come before You Lord
And think of all that’s wrong
You say, set it aside
In love let us belong

Setting the soul still
In being, let us rest
In freedom, let it go
Doing what You do best

Binding in our dwelling
Joy here just to be
Adrift within the knowing
You are loving me

Grace of the bestowing
Of simple way to pray
Intimate foundation
Reset within the way

Show Me the Way

Would You grant me the grace?
To show me the way
Your servant to be
A gift here this day

I’ve built up the walls
With my stubborn will
You’ve granted me love
But I’ve not moved still

I feel it too hard
Overwhelming me
Would You bless the steps
Of Your way to see

Please give me the strength
Of humility
A movement of faith
To inspire me

Spirit Warming

In the cool crisp air
Winters’ chill is forming
Drawing of within
Find the Spirit warming

Being, safe, secure
Warming light is shown
Faith and trust reside
Providence is known

Season of the turning
Of Spiritual desire
Solitude of prayer
Glow of Spirits’ fire

Silence of reflection
In dusk of early night
Stoking of the flame
Soul of burning bright

Bless Your Child

Bless Your beloved child
One that You love true
Let us pray as one
He’s precious to me too

In day ahead before him
With challenges to face
Surround in Your Presence
Safe in warm embrace

A soul of innocence
One faithful to You
A lamb amongst the wolves
Be His shepherd true

In home of returning
A story let him share
Let us praise, rejoicing
Of this answered prayer