My Source

Coming to Your Presence
A drawing to the call
To dip from the well
Of the source of all

Fountain of goodness
Source of kindness be
Fill the bucket full
To share the light of thee

Ocean of mercy
Sins to pour into
Washing pure as white
Be quick to forgive too

Instiller of strength
From which heroes draw
Same faith as our Fathers
That Jesus shared with awe

River of wisdom
Flow this knowledge true
My source of everything
Gifted here by You

Practice of Lingering

Gift of the Spirit
To practice this day
Of letting things linger
For this gift I pray

The touch of a friend
A song of the heart
Encounter of blessing
A beauty impart

Gifts of unique
That makes the soul smile
Wisps of the Spirit
To dwell in a while

To take a moment
And savor the gift
The small things of life
That gives soul a lift

Let heart be grateful
For souls touching be
For all of these blessings
Are ones sent by Thee


Game of a child
To play peek-a-boo
Mind not developed
Appearance each new

Days of our weather
When cloudy the view
Forgetting the sun
Will tomorrow shine through?

Same with our God
Not feeling Him here
Heart of not knowing
He always is here

Let soul develop
With this wisdom be
Seeing or not
Know He’s with me

Encounter of a Friend

Entering Your house
To pray for Spirit, send
Before I even asked
I came across a friend

Standing in Your Presence
We shared a word or two
Mixed in conversation
Was the Word of You

Coming to a crossroad
Of his life, he shared
Speaking of Your plan
How he’s arrived prepared

Guided by Your Spirit
In opening of door
As child of Your kingdom
Blessings You’ve outpoured

Sent with flame inspired
In this heart of mine
Two souls in your presence
Binding of divine

Let Us All Rejoice

Open wide the inner door
Through the grace of You
Bless us of light precious
Of the soul burst through

Sanctify the heart
From which actions flow
Purge our selfishness
Only Your light show

Gift the tongue with blessings
Compassion in the eyes
Open ear of patience
Mind be of the wise

Joy be overflowing
Humble fragrance be
Mercy to be shared
Bless generosity

We’ve received the good news
Ahead today a choice
Sing a life of praise
Let us all rejoice!

With Your Dreams

Rest now my little one
In stardust and moonbeams
Of innocence so pure
My love goes with your dreams

Off to kindergarten
Playgrounds joy filled screams
Pictures drawn with crayons
My love goes with your dreams

College of your choosing
Knowledge here to glean
Hope in laid foundation
My love goes with your dreams

New marriage here is planted
Through two one love beams
Set out upon your journey
My love goes with your dreams

Through the hills and valleys
The blessings of life streams
Seeking light of guiding
My love goes with your dreams

Time of our homecoming
Through Savior we’re washed clean
Vision unseen seeing
My love beyond all dreams

Gateway Divine

Before Your great light
Of gateway divine
Gift of the glimpses
Through this soul of mine

Portal of beauty
Of love pure and true
Way of the Spirit
Captures the view

Speaking to the soul
Way of above
Of only one treasure
The sweet gift of love

The blessed receiver
Rejoicing in prayer
Increasing the blessing
With Your gifts to share