Day Today

It’s a joy filled day today
When I hear the Spirit say
Come walk with me to dwell and pray
It’s a joy filled day

It’s a blessed day today
To seek the gifts that God conveys
To receive and give away
It’s a blessed day

It’s a hopeful day today
To see the light within the way
To shine it in the dark and gray
It’s a hopeful day today

It’s a peaceful day today
The beautiful is on display
Faith within the Son relay
It’s a peaceful day


A Beautiful Life

Just a chance encounter
A woman cut my hair
But of greater value
Where words she had to share

From another country
A Mother and a wife
But those of her first words
“I have a beautiful life”

She offered her story
Of near death and of fear
Tragedy avoided
Power of her prayer

Simple of the daily
In sharing of the bread
Add water to the soup
An even more are fed

A lesson of perspective
When seen in God’s view
That we all can say
My life is beautiful too!

A Body of Greater

Stillness so gentle
In water it shines
A dwelling of deeper
A blessing divine

A calling acceptance
Love here to know
A body of greater
One of the flow

Soft is the breeze
Spirit uplifting
Inner of stirring
A sending of gifting

A touching of light
A blessing preparing
A movement ordained
In reflection of sharing

Views from the Beach

What I love at the beach
Perspective to see
Reflections of teaching
Of humility

View of horizon
Light shining clear
That there’s so much more
Then we see right here

One grain of sand
A single soul be
Of billions before
That passed before me

One flowing wave
Of so many more
As my life a symbol
Arrives at the shore

One simple part
Of something much greater
When our life binds into
One with our Creator

We Are, In Need

A prayer to offer here
To our God, appealing
We are broken people
In need of great healing

Selfishness ingrained
World centered on me
We are sin filled people
In need of great mercy

In this stress filled world
Oh Lord it’s hard to cope
People in the darkness
In need of great hope

We are lonely people
Please Lord, won’t you send
One to share in love
In need of a great friend

Let us each be empty
In great need of filling
To receive Your gifts
If only we are willing

The More

Something occurs
As I pass through the door
Into Your presence
That speaks of “the more”

Muscles relaxing
Bones hit the floor
Grace overwhelming
Your being, outpour

Me, dissipating
Soul at the core
A melting into
You to adore

Abundant Your blessings
Of treasure galore
The compass resetting
Of way to restore

The Way of Yours

In genuine
Your realness is
Attracting me

A witness here
Of living see
Your faith is
Encouraging me

A comforting
Acceptance be
Your selflessness
Is loving me

True grace found
In shared mercy
Your blessedness
Is healing me

A longing stirs
For me to see
The way of You
Is calling me