Let Me Reset

I view the sweet sunrise
A pause, won’t allow
As voices are saying
No time for that now

I pass by the table
Where my bible lay
Stress overwhelms
No time to pray

Decision before me
Fear of the result
Lack of direction
No Spirit, consult

A friend with a need
A trouble to share
Let’s catch up later
Shows that I don’t care

You blessed me peace
A Word for the heart
Spirit of guiding
A binding impart

I gave it all up
For ashes empty
Let me reset
With You, let me be


Teach Me

In turn to the light
Their beauty to show
Teach me of the ways
Of what the flowers know

Arise in my soul
A song to heart bring
Teach me of the joy
For what the birds sing

Your Presence reflect
Of tranquility
Teach me of the peace
The way still waters be

Roots of the deep
Through storms let it sway
Teach me of the faith
Of how the oak stays

Soft the Horizon

Soft the horizon
In colors to sink
New way of thought
To let the soul think

One of consuming
Lost in the glow
Spirit abiding
Letting it flow

Being of moment
Of breath here to still
Soul of connection
Of me here, no will

Slow of transition
Of rising above
One of our being
A movement of love

There Is

There is a special beauty
In the morning light
That’s sparks within this soul
A joy of pure delight

There’s a special silence
In the morning grace
That comforts here the soul
One of your embrace

There’s a special being
In morning that occurs
Found within our prayer
One that Spirit stirs

There is a special Presence
In morning right here
That connects to soul
With You here to share

There is a special feeling
That draws one to release
One within Your being
In this morning’s peace

A Good Feed

As the eyes open
In view before me
Is the great horizon
Of what is to be

As with the sunrise
Our thoughts now appear
Let’s set them aside
And dwell in the here

A treasure prepared
For what the soul needs
In dwelling of now
A good morning feed

Into what is just is
And who is right here
His grace that is blessed
A Presence of prayer


There is nowhere to go to find Him
There is no place to search anywhere
This is nothing to do to find Him
For He is already here

There is nothing to do to move Him
For He is pursuing you
There is no need to impress Him
For He loves you all the way through

There is nothing to earn or expected
For His treasure is gifted for free
He’ll love you no matter your way
The response is all up to you

There is a Spirit instilling
If soul is of the humble way
A movement of love and of joy
Let it be of us this day

(based upon a quote by Thomas Keating)


In all of my life
Of so many views
Places of beauty
Created by You

In this very moment
In the same spot
The views are still there
And yet they are not

In seasons of changing
In colors of sky
In birthing and dying
And movement apply

In this small blue planet
Of views You out pour
Of the unseen
There exists even more

Let the soul ponder
Through Spirit to see
A facet of You
Of infinity