Swallows Prayer

Prayer flows with the swallows
Uplifting flight of grace
Free from earths devices
Soul drifts beyond this place

Connecting to above
To souls in love with You
Entwined in movement blessed
To height beyond our view

Song notes we’re not constrained
To ways we only know
Threads of light are spun
Through Spirit grace will show

Let prayer be lifted high
Past what we expect
Will released in flight
That our great God perfects


Looking out through our eyes
Each a different view
Perspective seen through our wounds
Vision each askew

One that comes with mirrors
For them all to see
The beauty that I am
What will they think of me?

Another doom and gloom
Darkness blocks the light
The worst is yet to come
Another day to fight

Judgment fills the view
People into bins
Separate the best
The only one I’m in

Another of a child
Wonder, awe, anew
Trusting in the Father
Joy accepting You


Knowledge of Way

Berries of green, fruit of the blossom
One day your beauty will shine
Through seasons of time from bitter to sweet
Plan of the blessed divine

In depths of the winter when leaves are long gone
Fruit dress of red will remain
Food for the starved in barren of cold
Nourishment sweet it contains

If only you knew through heat and through storm
Your purpose is part of the plan
Light shines the truth so bask in the glow
Enduring the best that one can

So cling to the branch and rest without fear
Rejoicing in gift of this day
Gift cheer to your friends, dwelling within
Bless them in this knowledge of way

Of The Breeze

Perhaps I do not know
Which things are best for me
The rushing of my duties
The things that I must see

Priority of way
The driving of my time
Cause me to cast aside
The beauty of sublime

Nourishment of soul
Found in a moment’s pause
A glimpse of precious light
Voice to which heart draws

So let me be attentive
Direction of the breeze
Let gift not pass me by
An opportunity to seize

Commitment let me make
To keeper of my soul
Willingness of being
To give to You control

In Light of You

Garden that I’m tending
An exercise of heart
Priorities I’m setting
This day right from the start

Meetings need arranging
Money, duties, groceries
Home that needs some fixing
Dealing with anxieties

Let me stop the swirl
You bless me a free will
Let me give to You
My choice in moment still

First meeting of this day
With my God of all
Amazing that you’d be
Hoping for my call

Let my soul be fed
With Spirit and by Word
Heart be moved by grace
In silence You’ll be heard

Through daily let me practice
The tending of my soul
Patient, humble, loving
And You to make it whole

Gone Fishing

Waking up before the dawn
Of journey to catch fish
Walking down the rocky path
With rod, a hook and wish

Arriving to the river
With light upon the flow
Silence in the rising
A gentle Spirit blows

Anticipating trophies
Of treasures that I’d catch
Our Lord had different plans
Of blessings to unlatch

Waiting in the stillness
The heart reflects in light
The beauty of creation
Soaks in a new insight

The peace of our connection
Turns thoughts to ways above
A snapshot of the moment
Touches soul in love

No fish at all were hooked that day
A bigger catch you had for me
A touching of Your grace
Etched within my memory

So let me go out fishing
In awareness of Your light
Catching glimpses in my soul
Wisdom shared through Your insight


Bond of heavens treasure
Embraces me in now
Clenching all desire
Grace that You allow

Pouring all my being
Connection, me in You
Soul swells full in loving
Desire flowing through

Transcending my emotions
Consuming all of me
Thirst beyond all quenching
Clinging desperately

Flowing through my veins
Blood now tingling
Fanatic needing more
The soul is glistening

Linger now this grace
Praying, wanting more
As moment dissipates
To others light outpour

Morning Observations

A tiny speck of morning dew
Glistens on a leaf of green
Insight sparks now in the heart
Seeking gifts within the scene

A tuft of seed drifts to earth
Softly resting down
Prayer within, roots to grow
Hope beyond now abounds

Gentle breeze stirs the soul
Attention drawn its way
Virgin air clean and cool
Drawing You to stay

Tiny flower opens wide
Basking in the light
Offers up its nectar sweet
Clothed in beauty white

Rising mist of nights remains
Drifts above the flow
Dissipating into now
Wisdom shown in letting go

From its perch the Spirit lifts
Going on its way
Seeking souls of open heart
Touching them this day

Resting now in insights seen
Dwelling Spirit soak
Move me in the ways of You
That Your scene invokes

The Space Between The Light

To grasp the space between the light
Where whispers to the soul are heard
In the time where flowers bloom
And sparks of love are stirred

To seek the moment of the Spirit
Where thoughts of inspiration flare
In the house of unity
Beauty sings its sweet prayer

To be in presence beyond time
Where life itself ignites
In courage born in hero‟s strength
The selfless draw their might

To dwell within the mystery
Where freedom truly rings
In the healing of all wounds
The source of all hope springs

Alas, this goal seems out of reach
For senses five lack their skill
But through connection birthed in faith
The gift is blessed in moments still

Blood Drawn

My child of a year
Pray, fever please now break
To doctor do we bring
His blood he must now take

My beloved screams in fear
His innocence heart pleads
Doctor orders to hold still
A savior now he needs

His gaze now turns to me
Protector from all harm
My heart breaks in compassion
As I pin down little arms

He does not understand
With tears of desperate cries
I pray with all my soul
He sees compassion in my eyes

Procedure now complete
He falls into my arms
We cling with loves embrace
Two hearts now seeking calm

A drop of symbol shared
Of Son nailed to a cross
His blood was drawn for all
As His Father watched

When my blood is drawn
Don’t understand Your ways
Let this memory arise
And see compassion in Your gaze