Set Aside

Embrace, acknowledge and set aside
The feelings of the now
Dwell within the emptiness
Pray Spirit will allow

Put aside the things of me
Be one within the bond
Treasure of the heavens
Embrace here the beyond

Acknowledge love abundant
Filled within the soul
Overflowing blessed light
Every care consoled

Set the gaze upon You
One focus let me be
Return the feelings set aside
Through Your love let me see

Receiving the Now

We often cast away
The precious gift of now
A treasure set before us
Received if will allows

Distractions steal away
Beauty for our eyes
Precious gifts of soul
Encased in worlds disguise

We search inside our phones
Thoughts drift to future tasks
Rushing feet hurry forth
We put on our best masks

God plan is in the present
In this moment just for us
If we‟ll just pause with open eyes
Refocusing our trust

To know that God is present
Our being in His love
To open soul receiving
To help us rise above

Accepting His love given
To see within the now
For whom can we outpour?
His blessings to endow

Light of Rein

The day begins in vision seen
Light arises clear
Arriving in a blink of time
Sending Spirit near

How beautiful in wisdom cast
Your glory all around
That You begin with humbleness
By laying Your light down

Perspective found in the time
With stillness as its song
Open soul with eyes anew
Casting shadow long

There’s a film upon the pond
Seen in the birthing light
Stir the waters of the deep
Flowing message bright

Raising arms in solemn praise
Surrender to our king
Soak in rays of Spirit bright
Rejoice in gifts your bring

Offer drops in dew of will
Presented lifted high
Light reflects in sparkled joy
Alleluia is our cry

Awakened now the soul now shines
Gratefulness engrained
Shine through me, grace of God
Let Your kingdom rein

Hope of Grace

Cast away temptations
Let my pride recede
Free me from my laziness
Drain away all greed

Focus my attention be
On Your path prepared
Strengthen spirit of Your way
May Your love be shared

May blessings all be cherished
Gratefulness abound
Let me see with Your view
Your fragrance, me surround

I know I won’t be perfect
For only You complete
I offer my desire
My prayer left at Your feet

In Your hand I place my soul
Your kingdom let me serve
Hope is in Your grace today
Not what I deserve

Wisdom From the Vine

Into time of quiet,
The place where I find You
In the stillness of beyond
Above becomes the view

Rest now the voices
Screaming of things to do
Past the prayers of needing
Offering a moment or two

Dwelling into nothingness
Allowing light to shine
Receiving unknown graces
Wisdom from the vine

Emotions will not feel them
Faith will fill the cup
Trust will hear the words of soul
Hope will lift me up

Blessed within the mystery
Time beyond the known
By the goodness of our God
I‟ll know the soul has grown

Wading in the Way

Trash is overflowing
So many things to do
Mood has taken over
Oh Lord, please see me through

Take me to our place
Of receiving You in me
Pausing in the moment
A time for us to be

Unseen be the focus
Chase all doubts away
Scales fall from my eyes
Wading in the way

Light shines on the water
Ripples in the flow
Rock secured so deeply
Love I long to know

Blessed be this treasure
That perfect be my friend
Peace found in the answer
Holy Spirit which You send

Treasure Known

Put away the paper
Cast away the pen
Drift away your thoughts
Come into my den

Look to path of light
Calming is the flow
There is something dear
That I want you to know

A time for rest of soul
The worldly dispose of
A dwelling of our being
A showering in love

Sit upon the grass
Head on bark of tree
Close eyes in warming light
Soak in the love of me

Rest in now of silence
Focus of one thing
I cherish you so dearly
Know the love I bring

Letting go of worries
Drifting into me
In emptiness of being
My treasure you will see


Engrain in me Your truth
The wisdom that you share
Bind to Word consumed
May view be not impaired

That forever is Your love
For that is who You are
No matter where I travel
You are not afar

You dwell within my Spirit
Seal upon my soul
That my dwelling be
In you, be my goal

Your forgiveness is eternal
A price paid by Your son
Forgiveness blessed completely
Whatever I have done

That this world is fallen
My home is found in You
Challenges will come
And You will see me through

We human are all broken
Judgment separates the one
Binding through Gods love
Is how the battles won

Riches for the tempting
Distractions of the dust
Security is only found
In the One I trust

Endurance is a key
Committed to the goal
In dying of the me
Life shines in the soul

The answer’s found in You
Heaven shared in love
Your light eternal shines
Focus on above

Trust Me

A time of rest designed
Body now reclines
End of day in closing
Restoring tired mind

Falling now asleep
Into dark of night
In hands of Savoir keep
My soul rest in His sight

Within the deep of mind
Stir worries of the day
Arising to the surface
Rest now goes astray

Tossing and the turning
Fear now overcomes
Drowning in the swirl
Pounding as a drum

Arising drifts a thought
A message from the deep
Wisdom from our Lord
Knowledge I must keep

“Trust Me” are His words
I am in control
Others now subside
Heart finds its console

Words by which to live
Greater is the view
Imbed them right behind
The knowledge, I love You