Voice of Angels

If you could only see
The view from heaven’s door
Worries all would flee
Fear would be no more
For God is in control
Word is only love
A plan is all in place
Wisdom from above
Look around and see
Glimpses of His light
Open ear and hear
Whispers shining bright
Saints and angels sing
Sweet rejoicing praise
Lifting Spirit high
Hear our voice today


Moment Holy

With every drop of moment
An opportunity within
To claim it to be holy
In will, it all begins
Our gift of life is blessed
When offered up to You
Turn purpose of desire
Of these thoughts in turning to
A prayer begins the way
Conversation with our Lord
Asking Him to send
His Spirit to outpour
Allow the eye to see
The wonder of the sky
Lifting Spirit up
A greater view applied
Turn ear to hear Your voice
In silence of the heart
Soak in Your daily Word
Of wisdom to impart
Spark new a grateful heart
Of blessings overflowed
Generous in spreading
The seeds of which You sow
Let praise be on our lips
Encouragement outpour
Your song be in our soul
In blessings giving more
With souls placed in our path
Accepting them with care
Binding in our wounds
Transparency to share
Being who you are
Who God meant you to be
Sharing in your gifts
With generosity
We have a greater purpose
Anointed with new name
Investment in beyond
With just one Holy claim
In empty moments of our day
Or times when head does spin
Choose holy to this moment be
By inviting our God in


Stirring into consciousness, as the morning breaks
I invite you in, before the mind awakes
With knowledge of Your truth, Your perfect plan in place
My soul is dear to You, covered with Your grace
Let joy arise within, that you are in control
Doors have been prepared, your will to be my goal
An attitude to form, my will is truly free
Hope to live my faith, in choice follow thee
The outlook may be grim, seen as drudgery
Fear or suffering, dealing with adversity
Let me see Your light, of what you’ve put in place
Seek souls that we can lift, dwell within Your space
Rejoicing in the small, Spirit in the air
Beauty that you send, discovered everywhere
My hope is found in You, from love can’t separate
Singing song of praise, In You to celebrate!

Wrapped in Me

Life can be stressful
So much to do
Come, rest in my arms
For a moment or two
Lay down your burdens
In this hand of mine
Your cross on my shoulder
Fall into my time
Rest now my child
Wade into the deep
Let go in my comfort
Your soul in my keep
Drift into my freedom
In my kingdom be
My chosen beloved
You’re cherished by me
Dwell in the knowledge
That my love is true
All of my treasures
I offer to you
Peace of my promise
Will never fail
With blessings before you
I’ve yet to unveil
Abide in our union
Forever we’ll be
Let’s journey together
Your soul wrapped in Me

Grace Received

Let honesty now shine
We like to cast aside
To minimize our sin
To downplay our great pride
We all are broken souls
Children of the fall
Selfishness engrained
A burden cast on all
See our great God of love
Salvation cost Him dear
Poured out by blood of Son
A sacrifice severe
Priceless gift of mercy
Offered here for free
Throwing soul at feet
Sobbing desperately
Whisper of Your voice
Embrace deep in Your love
Welcome in Your dwelling
Raised now to above
Cherish now this gift
Remember when deceived
Give when we’ve been wronged
The grace that we’ve received

Paradox of the Ministry (2 Cor 7-18)

We hold unto this treasure
Earthen vessels all are we
That all surpassing power
Not us but from God be

Afflicted every way
Struck down but not destroyed
In dying carry Jesus
His life may be employed

Deaths at work within us
But life is found in You
The One who raised our Lord
In hope He’ll raise us too

Everything’s for You
So grace will be bestowed
Abundance for the more
Thanksgiving overflows

Self not be discouraged
As outer wastes away,
Soul now be enlightened
Renewed within each day

Afflictions of the moment
Are transient we’ll see
Product of this challenge
Eternal weigh, glory

We look to not what’s seen
Unseen be our view
The seen is transitory
Eternal be of You

Tendered Soul

I offer in this moment
A tender wounded soul
Placed fully in Your trust
Healing needed whole

I pray for angels tending
With touch of grace bestowed
I pray for Spirit kneading
Surrounded overflowed

May it please be molded
By Creators master skill
Soft in its surrender
Formed to do Your will

So grateful in this blessing
Embrace welcomed by You
Through door opened by Savior
Eternal hope in turning to

Let rest be in the knowing
Safe within Your hands
Massage of Spirit blessing
Aligned within Your plans