Covenant of Being

Drawn down to the water’s edge
A time with God of soul
In stillness of the dawning
To be, our only goal

Humbleness adorned
Heart now be exposed
Feelings flowing free
Truth to be disclosed

On palette of horizon
He paints the world anew
Stirred in colors moving
A view the soul construes

Song of wave is flowing
A psalm known to the heart
Familiar hymn is calming
Peace the tune imparts

Light abounds anew
A filling of true joy
Container without lid
Instilled to be employed

Showered in Your blessings
In word of which You send
Perceived in contemplation
One love now comprehends

Covenant of being
Won by blood of Son
Glorious our bonding
Through grace a day begun


Wheel of Fortune (Rota Fortuna)

Life’s a wheel of fortune
Spinning through the years
Seeking of your treasure
Power, fame, careers

Sometimes we are king
In reigning over all
Sometimes we’re descending
I reigned before the fall

At bottom we’re the pauper
In need of everything
Then we climb the ladder
Begin the ascending

Each stage we are surrounded
Anxiousness we see
But there’s another answer
When Christ our treasure be

Christ resides in center
Our hope within the way
Dwell with Him in peace
Find Him now we pray

Catching the Unseen

May eye catch the unseen
In walk of path today
What God calls me to see
In guiding of His Way

Etching of horizon
Silhouette of peace
Nourishment of soul
Decrees that all fear cease

Poems in colors whisper
Massaging the soul still
Leaven for the grateful
Surrender of the will

In song of falling leaf
A dance of being free
Singing of the verse
That Jesus moves with me

Glimpse of spark of shining
A movement in the light
Receiving blessing clear
Our soul is God’s delight

Wisp of Spirits breath
Found in acts of love
Seeds of sowing deep
Showered from above

At time of our souls calling
In ground the worldly lays
Found within the rising
Engrained, the unseen stays

Of The Flower

Language of the flower
Speaks the word today
Instilled by love of God
Encouragement of way

Through petals of the many
Take shape to form the one
Fruit produced from grace
That God’s will was done

Roots of searching deep
Foundation that has grown
Secure in passing storms
Wisdom of the known

Intimate opening
In giving of it all
Seeds of the to be
Await their time to fall

Let opening of beauty
Catch the eye today
Pause with grateful ear
To hear the word today

Returning to the Drawing

In stillness of the now
Peace encompassing
River shines in rippled glass
Spirit whispering

Soul at rest in Your embrace
Your great treasures shared
Lost within Your offerings
Worldly can’t compare

Empty mind, heart consumes
Wisdom from the vine
Pride falls through my empty hands
Clenching treasures fine

Consume my soul these blessed gifts
Engrained them in my way
Returning to their drawing
All throughout my day


Each day a transformation
From monochrome of night
Illumination births
The morn in colors bright

Jesus won connection
Of heaven to this earth
A choice begins the path
Of Spirit to be birthed

We see a different way
With loves perspective now
Blessed with greater purpose
Led if will allows

This day prepared with grace
Disguised in challenge blessed
In molding of the soul
Your help I pre confess

Let me see Your colors
In love throughout this day
Through stirrings of my heart
To move within Your way

As dawning light portrays
Awakened now alive
The soul perceives in love
Once lost, the dead revived


Aside in time of now
To dwell in scriptures deep
Pray Spirit to abound
For treasures of souls keep

Words of black and white
Spawn in colors true
Beautiful the rising
Of visions love of You

Contemplations swirl
Consumed by view of soul
In mist of Spirits breath
Heavens treasures dole

Illuminations shine
Sparks of joy ignite
Truths of focus clear
Spoke through blessed light

Engrain within the heart
This love in molded clay
Vision of beyond
To world let soul portray