7 I Am’s

Meditate upon these words
That Jesus does impart
The “I AMs” of seven
Dwell within the heart

I am the bread of life
True vine and the way
Resurrection and the life
The door to us this day

The light of the world
The gate eternals soul
I am the shepherd good
Remain with Your hold

Such wisdom in His word
Reveals an insight deep
Faithful is our Savior
Protected in His keep

From contemplations swirl
One word raised above
That speaks of who He is
Our great God is love

Hidden in the Breeze

Hidden in the breeze
A subtle silent scent
Sweet within its whisper
Thought for me it’s meant

One to take a moment
Focus on the now
Awakening the senses
To speak to me somehow

Familiar are the voices
Woven in the light
Blessed are Your treasures
Palette of delight

Atuning soul to You
Joy drifts into heart
Prayer of deep connection
A calling you impart

Sent Here

Help me to remember
That you sent me here
Set out upon a journey
In which You deeply care

What a joy to know
My God has hope in me
May I please be worthy
Through Your view may I see

Choice within the stretching
Of challenge which to grow
Faith found in Your Son
Trust in Him to know

Joy found in reminders
You send with the way
Glimpse of light on water
Through words of friends this day

Peace be my fragrance
Bring Your comfort here
Pray within the knowledge
That You are always near

In a room of darkness
The one to share Your light
Through a helping hand
A darkened soul to bright

Parallel of Time

Through the gift of Spirit
Rising over flow
Dwelling in beyond
Perspective You bestow

Tranquil be the resting
Above the daily swirl
Hint of the divine
Seeking of the pearl

A parallel of time
Walking side by side
Jesus of the way
Soul with Him reside

Treasure chest of peace
In daily to withdraw
Dispensing to this world
Vision full of awe

Body and Soul

Sleep rests the body
Cleaning of the skin
Exercise the muscles
Veggies vitamins

All of this is good
A healthy body make
What of the eternal?
Of which the soul partakes

Stillness rests the soul
Pray for clean of heart
Exercise Your mercy
Love of You impart

Balance of the two
In Gods community
Seek of the eternal
In perfect harmony


Just say yes, don’t look back
Leap of faith now take
Spirits led you to this point
Your world He wants to shake

Impulse not, be your guide
As prayer has led you here
Aligned within God’s will
Leave behind your fear

Things to which you’re clinging
May be cast aside
What good are they to you?
If only building pride

Joy of the partaking
Battle won this day
Treasures are prepared
Ahead in light of way

Just wait for what’s in store
Treasures of divine
By submission of the will
True joy we will find

A Little Room

Little inner room
Let me enter in
To be with You a while
I find You deep within

Room so full of presence
Easy sinking in
Resting in the falling
Time of You begins

Light is softly glowing
A gentle tender touch
Finding in the knowing
What I desire much

World fades in the draining
All that I concede
Rest in understanding
You are all I need

River Far

River seems far away
Draw me to your flow
Chains of binding grip
Time of letting go

In stillness of the now
Souls eye opens wide
Appearing mist of Spirit
Glimpse of subtle glides

In covering of grace
A dance of beauty shines
Breath of God appears
Guidance of divine

River ebbs and flows
Reflecting of the light
In mist of wisdoms touch
Pray for Your insight

Rivers Spring

Rain of drenching water
Covers all the earth
Nourishment of life
Sparks the souls rebirth

Light of touching rays
Warms in Spirits love
Moves in wise direction
The way to You above

Excess of Your blessings
Flows to lower ground
Light and water touch
Waves of joy abound

Spring of rushing water
Vision of the more
Returning to Your ocean
Of graces You outpour


Tears can be lenses
Which Jesus shines through
Compassion He shares
In refraction of view

Light of the shining
In drops on the cheek
Heart of the fertile
In sorrow of meek

Oh but the treasure
Found in His touch
Hope found in despair
We desire so much

Jesus our blessing
Grace of divine
Savior has rescued
This soul of mine