Aside in time of now
To dwell in scriptures deep
Pray Spirit to abound
For treasures of souls keep

Words of black and white
Spawn in colors true
Beautiful the rising
Of visions love of You

Contemplations swirl
Consumed by view of soul
In mist of Spirits breath
Heavens treasures dole

Illuminations shine
Sparks of joy ignite
Truths of focus clear
Spoke through blessed light

Engrain within the heart
This love in molded clay
Vision of beyond
To world let soul portray


From whence the autumn leaves
Fall in colors dawning
Presence now abounds
A new beginning spawning

Peace connecting soul
Stir new awakenings
Rejoice in grace filled light
Birthed by Gods love calling

Tranquil is the silence
That draws into the now
Grateful speaks the heart
In bond that You allow

Light begins the step
In moving in the way
A soul receives its charge
A carrier today

Cycle of Love

Message of the season
Surrounds us everywhere
In colors of rejoicing
Received in wisdom clear

Summer of abundance
Blessings were received
Fruit within in the branches
Grown in faith believed

A movement of the heart
Stirs within the deep
Gratefulness of love
Too much for soul to keep

A time for letting go
Of giving of it all
Trust in word of God
Leaves begin to fall

In colors of the sweet
Pure beauty on display
Grace gives the received
In love that guides the Way

Piece of Soul

A vision not painted
Inspiration now gone
Heart less creative
A future redrawn

Passed by a soul in need
Too busy for that now
I missed a blessing shared
A grace that You endowed

Victory of darkness
Surely wins the fight
When fear blocks the shining
Of Your blessed light

So inner Spirit rise
Embarrassment not king
Inspirations now ignite
Gift of being sing

From heart I sung my song
No other ears did hear
Joy now fills my soul
A fragrance that endears

Wrote a poem no one liked
I know that it is fine
A piece of soul I shared
God knows where it shines

Drop of Awakening

Autumn leaves are falling
In puddles of nights rain
A damp chill blows the wind
A dreary sky now reins

Trees shake off nights shower
With sprinkles from above
A drop christens the forehead
Surprising gift of love

A cross found in the signing
Renewed commitment made
A soaking in of Spirit
Anointed blessing prayed

Song of angles calling
Drawing souls retreat
Deep inspired dwelling
My God and soul now meet

Blessings now are falling
In showers of Your grace
Warming Spirit guides
Hope reins in this place

Language of the Soul

Through Spirit of creation
Speaks language of the soul
Past all human senses
Releasing of control

A practice that is crafted
By Spirit blessed within
Glimpse within the moment
The flow of light begins

A sense of Spirit calling
A touch found in the now
A basking in the dwelling
That emptiness allows

Wisp of breath in catching
Of voice of the beyond
Stitched within the passing
Connection of the bond

Words past our describing
Touching soul in deep
Through humble empty being
Your voice in our soul seeps

Prayer of God’s Will

May God’s will be my prayer
A prison key releasing fear
Let all my trust rest in you
For you my God, hold my soul near

Pure foolishness for me to brag
In my accomplishments
Or to seek as treasure own
The world’s false compliments

Let me follow in Your Word
With strength to do what’s right
When I fall and sin is mine
Turn to Your forgiving light

For you are love and love I know
For me is what is best
Struggles, strife or challenges
Comfort, joy or rest

In fragile balance my life lays
The realization all is grace
Whatever is Your will to be
My grateful heart embrace


Masterpiece of sky
Stops soul in its track
Pausing to acknowledge
Your beauty that attracts

Blue and orange hues
Mix in violet waves
Light arises new
Transforming to amaze

Clouds roll in the scene
Painted in new light
Sun bursts in Your glory
Singing message bright

Transfixed in awe of sight
Amazing portrait drawn
Etched in blinding view
Ways of You are spawned

In these moment few
Gives view of day in store
Let me bow in praise
Your beauty we adore


A name that’s so holy
We can’t even say
Word of our Fathers
Referred to Yahweh

His Son to us sent
Beloved of all
Teach us to pray
To break down the wall

He began with two words
Through knowledge He had
Connection was made
To call God, “our Dad”

Dwell with the treasure
The gift of His name
Reside in the soul
Of intimate claim

So live as His child
Trust in His hand
Share laughter and life
By His side we stand