Just a Minute

Give me a minute
That’s all that I need
Pause now in silence
The rush now, concede

I just want to love you
In silence of heart
A message of wisdom
I wish to impart

I’m here if you need me
In your busy day
Just turn to my light
If you lose your way

When people frustrate you
Not filling your needs
When treasures you’ve purchased
Leave empty your dreams

Know that I offer
Gifts blessed from above
Peace, joy and hope
Unconditional love

I leave you a blessing
I cherish your soul
Let my love dwell within you
With peace I console

Scott’s Prayer

I sit upon the street
My needs upon display
People pass me by
Without a word to say

It’s like I don’t exist
Discomfort in their face
Easy to dismiss
Encounter to embrace

Reinforcing wounds
Salt upon the scars
Hoping for a brother
Too break down the bars

They don’t want to support
Abuse of drugs or drink
But would they let me share
The feelings that I think

My need is to be noticed
To have somebody pause
Show that I have value
Not subject of their cause

To let me share my dreams
Tell about my day
Say where I come from
To listen to what I say

I long for the connection
A bond to world beyond
A silent prayer is lifted
Would you please respond?


Marvel in the daily
In gift of life we’re blessed
Seek within the moment
Love of God, our quest

Slowing down the flow
Glimpse within a pause
Purposeful attention
To the light that draws

Sparks of light collected
Joy to feed the soul
Insight of God’s wisdom
Closer to the goal

Witness a connection
Love within a bond
Rejoice in acts of kindness
Open heart responds

Offer words of beauty
Encouragement to lift
Blessings flowing freely
Transparency to gift

Treasure found in smiles
A lighting of the heart
Rejoicing in Your kingdom
Grateful to take part

Change of View

Change of View
If I were shown a vision
Of a soul before hells door
With eyes of desperation
What words would I outpour?

You get what you have earned
I am glad I’m not like you
Too bad the choices you have made
Have brought this fate to you

Those eyes would melt my heart
And humble all my pride
My arms would open wide in love
I’d take them to my side

Judgment wouldn’t drive me
Love would lead the way
I’d find a way to guide them
I’d seek the words to say

My brother, please come join me
In treasures that I know
Of a Lord who saves us
And He does love you so

Lord, won’t you please help me
To have a heart like you
To open up my vision
Dear Lord, please change my view



Question that was intimate
A friend once asked of me
How do you describe
Our God in which you see

First thought was one of softness
A touch found in the light
Love embraced completely
A brilliance, beyond white

A wise man did once say
This wisdom he unveiled
If God’s what you imagined
Understanding you have failed

And so I just receive
I be with Him in love
Pouring out my heart
Accepting gifts above

I feel a tender touch
Caress in a soft breeze
Guiding ways of thought
Placing soul at ease

I bask in warming light
Know its cast on all
Nothing that is earned
In open heart it falls

He is our God eternal
Love His only name
Desire of unquenching
Mercy He proclaims

We are but countless waves
Carried in the flow
Reflection of the being
That all souls long to know

Eternal are His treasures
Nothing else compares
He offers us His kingdom bring
In giving what He shares

First Post

Good Morning,

A number of friends have asked if I would share “my” poetry.  Rather than send out multiple unwanted emails, I thought that I’d create a blog and folks can check it out when they want.

My prayer is that I hope these thoughts can enrich your relationship with God.

In Christ,