White and Blue


White and blue the colors
In this winters scene
Bark of sycamore
Blue canvas, so serene

Hunks of ice are floating
Down the river blue
Reflection of above
Thin clouds dwell in same hue

Frozen in the moving
Away from barren dark
Earth awakens slumber
As God ignites the spark

Peaceful winters beauty
Gives way to warming sun
New direction of the breeze
Thought of spring begun


In the depth of winter
Into the frozen ground
Placed into the womb of earth
We lay his body down

A shell no longer needed
It served its purpose well
Time has caught the aged bones
Soul released from cell

What remains from his life?
What story to be told
Everlasting is the love
Which other souls behold

Success not only measured
A count beside his grave
More of the encounters
On path that God had laid

Decision in the moment
Of kindness to be shared
An angel sent of human
To let soul know God cares

So let me cherish love
To serve God in His way
Let vision be to serve
To share His grace this day


Word of encouragement
Sent to me this day
What stirred a soul to act
And bless me in this way

Whisper of the Spirit
Received in open heart
Blossomed into action
Receiver to impart

To send word on the way
Expecting nothing back
Abiding in the knowledge
Of joy within the act

Building of the kingdom
Through loves connection true
Long ripple of the wave
Sent by God through you



Found in the depth of night
On palette indigo
A light from high above
Is laid on earth below

Reflection of the one
Is cast upon us all
In our laying down
A blessing on us falls

Light of Gods protection
Seen in the peace of night
Serenity of moon
Is spread on snow of white

Such a comfort found
In silent beauty spoke
While the world now sleeps
The soul at rest awoke

Sour To Sweet

Attitude is sour
Of my bitter mood
Pride is rising high
As I sit here and brood

Injustice done to me
Treated so unfair
As I count my rights
Say that I don’t care

But inside I do hurt
Love is what I need
Divert my expectation
From them now please concede

In Jesus is my all
His perfect love is found
Fall into His arms
God now here surround

Let me walk His way
Love dwell in the heart
Attitude transformed
Forgiveness impart

Light shine the way
May eternal I see
From temporary puddle
Rise wave of the sea

Through love of my God
Help sin now defeat
My heart be transformed
From bitter to sweet

Morn’ of March

Winters morning shines
In March’s hopeful light
Branches are encased
In robe of holy white

Evergreens adorned
With accent of new snow
Winters last hurrah
Of beauty to bestow

Sit in stilling morn
With my God of love
Awe of painting touched
A falling from above

Beauty strokes the soul
Rejoicing in the scene
Chilling to the bone
Warmth of bond pristine

Let all else fall away
In masterpiece of grace
Adoring two as one
Encased in Your embrace


Deep inside the heart
Desires are the same
So many actions flow
From these simple claims

A needing to belong
A part of something great
And purpose of our life
Gives meaning through the strife

All rooted in the need
To love and to be loved
We search within this world
The answers found above

Belonging to the kingdom
Our purpose will be known
With gifts we are prepared
To follow light that’s shown

All blessed with a love
Forever and so pure
Blessings filled with grace
Desires find their cure