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Jefferson’s’ All

Foundation of our country
Declaration to convey
What are the basic truths?
On which our future lay

He stared at a blank page
For words that he should say
A decision of importance
Thomas turned to pray

The Spirit did appear
To him the light was shown
Open now your eyes
Let this truth be known

A piercing of his heart
Of vision he did see
His sin laid before him
His slave and her baby

His heart was convicted
To his knees he did fall
With quill of the Spirit
He wrote the word, all

Of simple basic rights
Blessed in One love, be
That all mankind’s created
In equality

Fabric of our Country

Help us to remember
Of the red, white and blue
Of which our country’s built
That of Gods’ values

One of equality
Freedom is our call
Pursuit of happiness
And justice for all

Human dignity
Welcomed diversity
That of the common good
We cherish liberty

With the right to life
Worship our own way
Dependence upon God
For it we now pray

Inscribed in our foundation
Written on money
Our Word of true hope
God we trust in Thee