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A Word from Above

A vision this morning
That drew me in here
Of pausing within
Of a listening prayer

Of looking above
I heard a word clear
From one that’s passed on
Held in our soul, dear

One of the heart
A whisper in ear
A message of love
That you want to share

It was my time to go
To be with our Lord, near
To do some things with Him
That I couldn’t do here

Above is the Glory

Though dark be the sky
Seen within our view
Above is the glory
Of light pouring through

A giant formation
Of heavenly view
Great clouds of white
On a palette of blue

The patience soul
Of faith truly knows
The clouds will drift on
With grace God bestows

So, trust in the knowledge
Of what dwells above
With eyes of the soul
That our God is love

Great Gift Above

God knows our challenge
Of worry and fear
He blesses the sky
His comfort to share

Always above us
A wondrous gift
Outpouring of light
Our Spirit to lift

Infinity’s view
In a prayer to wander
Of the beyond
His great love to ponder

In sunrise and sunset
Of masterpiece paint
In peace of the night
Of stars’ sparkle faint

This blessing to cherish
Throughout our day
To cast view above
Soul arising to pray