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Blessed in every morning
A message shining clear
Of God of abundance
His blessings everywhere

Morning of sunrise
Of vision to see
The infinite ray’s
Outpouring from Thee

In this blessed morning
To the soul is heard
So many sweet songs
Are sung by the birds

Vast is the pasture
Upon the grass lays
Lord, You bless abundance
In so many ways

Oh God of love
Of generous heart
Let our soul share
Of Your gifts to impart

Lets share in the message
Your blessings outpour
When we give away
You’ll bless even more

Abundance Living

In being of prayer
So grateful, heart be
Of God generous
Word flows back to me

Rather than me telling
A lesson let me know
In how I live my life
This way, let me show

With gifts of abundant
Learn to give away
All that I’ve been blessed
In sharing here, this day

Possessions and money
But of greater value
The joy, peace and love
The treasures of You!