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Two Truths of Advent

Come listen beloved
Two truths be aware
The birth of our Lord and
His return drawing near

The first is the answer
For the second, prepare
His incarnate dwelling
Be within you here

A time of waiting
Of joy to share
Of anticipating
The Word to appear

In this Advent season
Let our way be clear
Not to the store
But one body in prayer

Season of Need

What do you want for Christmas?
A truth to concede
What is the precious gift
That we truly need?

In this advent season
A thought to begin
Do we need someone
To save us from our sin?

In our deepest sorrows
So difficult to cope
Do we need a Savior
To be our source of hope?

And of our fear of death
Our challenges and strife
Do we need the peace
Of eternal life?

Let our hearts be longing
Desire when we pray
Anticipating joy
Of Christ on Christmas day

4 Words for Advent

Four words for Advent
To help us prepare
Dwelling within
To bring them to prayer

First is of planning
A purposeful season
To make this time special
As Christ is the reason

Of anticipation
Hope to enjoy
Setting the mood
A soul of great joy

Of the incarnation
The Word became flesh
Of innocence humble
A babe in a creche

Of sweet contemplation
Let’s dwell in the Word
Through Matthew and Luke
Our story be heard

Advent of Longing

Four weeks set aside
One purpose belonging
With prayer of the heart
Of our great longing

For God will not give
What we don’t desire
We ask for Him here
Await what will transpire

Hope in our soul
With faith trust in thee
Our focus of prayer
One of simplicity

We anticipate
Your will to be done
We long and we thirst
For the gift of Your Son!

In Advent

In advent of the dawning light
Still waters flow in colors bright

Let us build a little nest
A prayerful place for soul to rest

Stay awake soul to prepare
Tween heavens way and devil’s snare

May Spirit guide in season blessed
Commitment to the way professed