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The Autumn Air

And here we find
This time of year
The blessed gift
Of the Autumn air

Chilled in the longing
In the dark of night
Warmed in the dawning
By the virgin light

With a cleansing breath
Drawing so deep
To savor the Spirit
And into soul seep

Something of filling
Of our being whole
The freshness of Presence
To nurture our soul

Cool Morning Air

Of early September
A gray cloudy sky
So clear is the whisper
Of Spirit apply

A question to ponder
Do the trees know?
A season before them
Of their letting go

For birds of their nesting
Of senses perceive
A drawing of calling
Start to take leave

For found in the stillness
Of this cool morning air
The prayer of the prophet
Of way speaking clear

Air is Filled

A glow upon horizon
Casts away the night
Gift of a new day
The air is filled with light

Above the soaring geese
As one they fly along
A gift of passing by
The air is filled with song

We feel a drop of water
Of which the clouds contain
A gift of nourishment
The air is filled with rain

We know within our prayer
Allow the soul to hear it
Gift of eternal love
The air is filled with Spirit

Sacred Air

The soul senses something
Within the air
One of Your Presence
Surrounding right here

Beyond of describing
Yet fully aware
Gentle and fresh
Pure and so clear

As life giving water
Food for the soul
One so fulfilling
Being of whole

Deep be the drawing
Of binding to share
This intimate breathing
Itself is a prayer

Holy Air

A prayer of Your being
To know that You are here
Your Presence I’m breathing
Is One of Holy air

Drawing Spirit deep
Into lungs of warming
Flowing through the veins
A heart of transforming

Joy of the blood pumping
Extremities to fill
Love within of moving
Grace to do Your will

Light of Your emitting
Humility of care
Fragrance be of peace
Of this air, we share

Morning Air

Go into the morning
To become aware
Something is different
In the morning air

Fragrance of newness
So fresh and so clear
Gift of the drawing
This sweet morning air

Awake now oh soul
Find nourishment here
Spirit is flowing
Of sacred morning air

One of the dwelling
That’s of everywhere
Moves into the being
Of the morning air

An invitation
Of wisdom to share
To let light shine through
Our morning air

A breath of heaven
A binding in prayer
I’m so grateful to breathe
The morning air

Light, Air & Spirit

A gift of outpouring
Of dawning’s beauty
Streaming pure light
Come wash over me

Air fresh and clean
Of sweet purity
One of the drawing
Come dwell in me

Presence is here
Of Spirit to be
Love of the binding
Come pray in me

A blessing of knowing
Of wisdom to see
A being of greater
Come let go of me

When the Air is Empty

Blessed is the moment
When is light turned down low
Focus of the turning
Upon horizons glow

When the air is empty
Of no noise to complain
All the world is quiet
A gift of silence reins

When the mind surrenders
Soul becomes aware
Spirit of your Presence
Time of being here

When all creation stills
May all here be awoken
Reborn into our Lord
And peace be the word spoken

This Air is Kind

Awake into morning
In this moment we find
A whisper of silence
That this air is kind

Let us pause here
In this calming space
Of soothing the soul
A blessing of grace

New light is dawning
A gift from above
Let us open into
Receiving His love

Peace of the Presence
Of something beyond
Recasting desire
In prayer to abscond