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Don’t Leave Jesus Alone

A treasure of Presence
So real of believing
Another gift blessed
As I was leaving

A sign in the Church
By the door shone
Please don’t leave Jesus
Ever alone

A message to carry
Throughout my day
With eyes of the Spirit
To those of my way

The lonely, the outcast
The needy to see
And do not abandon
His Presence in me

You are Never Alone

My child, beloved
A truth here to own
I need you to know
You are never alone

When you’re feeling lost
Seek the light shone
Find in its guiding
You are never alone

When you’re feeling down
See a flower grown
A surprise of joy
You are never alone

When you feel hopeless
Glimpse, a cardinal flown
We know in Spirit
You are never alone

For throughout my life
These feelings were known
With a love that’s forever
You are never alone

Four Walls

Alone, I find myself
Of four walls within
Question of the stirring
Where do I begin?

Thoughts are calling me
A little panic here
Find something to do
Silence to be feared

Quiet to be filled
With music or TV?
Look for book of reading
Distraction leading me?

Or treasure of moment
With God, just to be
A dwelling of soul
His gifts filling me