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Sometimes Always

Sometimes it’s just as simple
As saying Lord, I will trust You
Knowing it deep in our soul
Believing, it really is true

Sometimes it’s just as simple
As being right now and right here
Dwelling in beauty surrounding
Attuning the senses aware

Sometimes it’s just as simple
To listen with an open ear
In looking deep into their eyes
With a heart to truly care

Always the truth is so simple
The message that Jesus speaks of
The creator who our great God is
And that is the one Word of love

What’s Always There

We think of sun rising
With light to appear
But it’s the earth turning
Towards what’s always there

An act of receiving
A gift sent for free
To all of creation
Blessed to everybody

And wise is the soul
Who pause with a prayer
Bound in the ways
Beyond what is here

For many the facets
Of light from above
Of treasures unseen
Of joy, peace and love

And when the night comes
Raise your vision to see
The way the light shines

Always to Here

The way my mind goes
Driven by fear
Thoughts of the future
Are, away from here

The answers the same
The direction of prayer
It seems that it leads me
Always to here

Here in this moment
Becoming aware
One of Your Presence
A being of here

Where love is complete
Through blessings You share
A focus of dwelling
To be fully here